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Tom Founder
Tom Nov 22 '18
Who are we?
What can we do?
Let’s get some information and fun in diving again.
Rules only have 6 ????
1. No-ones here under arrest, so if you don’t like what or who, Goodbye.
2. Anything published on this site is free to view for reference and discussions, updates etc. Outside the Shotline Community, useage is subject to prior approval by Email between the creator and user of the provided dataset.
3. Shotline diving’s purpose is to get the best information on all possible sites of interest, n0-one is here for fame and glory, Just good old fashion fun.
4. For those participating in underwater activities, be the standard and practice as well as pass on no touch methods of recording//gathering information.
5. Shot line Diving is a private, non commercial , like minded people , Enjoy it like your own.
6. Always look cool.
Dave Sheard User
Dave Sheard Nov 24 '18
Good thing we have rule# 6 :) 
Corey Phillips Founder
Corey Phillips Nov 24 '18

Although the information on this site was deemed to be accurate at the time of publishing (by who posted it) keep in mind the following:

- dive sites can change (depth, current, visibility, temperature, underwater hazards etc.) 

- the person who documented the site may have different skills, equipment or physical abilities

- dive within your training and abilities as a diver

- dive according to the conditions at the time of the dive

All the above (plus more) can affect your diving enjoyment. Ultimately you are responsible for your actions so please adjust your dives accordingly.

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