About Us

Shotline Divers is a Marine Cultural Heritage research group.  We're not just divers looking for treasure, We're researchers looking for the right answer. We're explorers using different methods other than mowing the lawn with a bottom sounder. 

It's about getting the right answer, the best information possible, The Who, Where, and How and present publically open sites with site maps and information.


With Us


Area of Interest

From Oswego NY North to Bancroft ON and East to Cornwall ON South to Messina NY


This Day In History

1892 On 16 June 1892, GENERAL BURNSIDE (3-mast wooden schooner, 138 foot, 308 gross tons, built-in 1862, at Wolfe Island, Ontario) foundered in a powerful northwest gale on Lake Erie near Southeast Shoal Light. Her crew was rescued by the tug GREGORY. (129)