Ship Type: Schooner Other Names: LORD NELSON (1811 - 12) Lifespan: Built 1811, Sunk 1813 Length: 110ft Depths: 295ft Location: Lake Ontario, Ontario GPS: 43° 18′ 27″ N, 79° 18′ 26″ W

Ship Info

The Lord Nelson was built at Niagara, Upper Canada, for merchant James Crooks, and was launched on May 1, 1811. It was due to the Embargo Act of 1807 that she found herself “enlisted” in the U.S. Navy. The Lord Nelson was shipping goods (including Mrs. McCormick's trunks) from Prescott U.C. to Newark U.C. on June 9, 1812 when she was stopped by United States Navy Lt. Melancthon T. Woolsey aboard the Oneida. Woolsey wrote that “she had no papers on board other than a loose journal and a bill of lading…but no Register, license or clearance.” Woolsey suspected she was “hovering along our shore to take on board property for the Canada market in violation of the Embargo Law…” On suspicion of smuggling, Woolsey confiscated the Lord Nelson, and she eventually found her way into Captain Isaac Chauncey's fleet at Sackets Harbor, N.Y.

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