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 +Ship Type: Wooden Package Frieghter
 +Lifespan: Built 1881 Sank 1921
 +Length: 218 ft
 +Depths: 50 ft
 +Location: South Bay Point, Picton, Ontario
 +GPS N 43'​53.633 W76'​59'​650
 +====== Ship Info ======
 +Wooden Great Lakes package freighter
 +Built at Buffalo NY by Union Dry Dock Co., Hull 22
 +Launched May 21, 1881
 +230’ LOA, 218’ LBP, 32’6” beam, 24’ depth
 +3 decks, coal-fired boilers, steeple compound engine, 550 IHP
 +Enrolled at Buffalo NY June 10, 1881 (Temp #68)
 +218.0 x 32.8 x 13.4, 1224.25 tons (1104.75 NT 1882)     US 110472 ​    to:
 +J. P. Cottrell, Marine City MI (home port Toledo OH)
 +Entered service June 1881
 +Permanent enrollment at Toledo OH June 14, 1881 (#21)
 +Sold 1890 to Lake Erie Transportation Co., Monroe MI, A. W. Colton, Mgr. (home port to Monroe MI)
 +Sold 1906 to Frank S. Upton, Charlotte NY.  Converted to bulk freighter for the lumber trade at Marine City MI.
 +Remeasured to 32.0 beam and 597 GT, 456 NT
 +Sold 1907 to George C. Bayliss, Binghamton NY, Carbray Son & Co., Quebec QC, Mgr. (home port to Ogdensburg NY)
 +Burned Nov 2, 1912 at dock at Oswego NY and abandoned to the underwriters as a constructive total loss.
 +Enrollment surrendered March 17, 1914.
 +Sold 1917 to The Barge Ireland Co., Atlas Transportation Corporation,​ Mgr., an affiliate of George Hall Coal Co. (home port to Montreal QC) and renamed Atlasco. ​ Converted to barge at Sorel QC.
 +Enrolled Canadian at 227.5 x 33.0 x 13.1, 810 GT, 788 NT     Can 138234 ​   ​
 +Sold 1919 to Sincennes-McNaughton Line, Montreal QC
 +Foundered Aug 17, 1921 off South Bay Point, 30 miles west of Kingston ON, Lake Ontario. ​ Undetow with barge Condor by a small steamer with cargo of coal, sprang leak in gale.  No lives lost.
 +====== Wreck info ======
 +Other names : built as package freighter RUSSELL SAGE (US#​110472),​ renamed in 1917
 +Official no. : C138234
 +Type at loss : barge, wood, bulk freight
 +Build info : 1881, Union Drydock Co., Buffalo hull #17
 +Specs : 228x33x13, 1224gc 1105nc
 +Date of loss : 1921, Aug 17
 +Place of loss : off South Bay Pt. 30 mi W of Kingston
 +Lake : Ontario
 +Type of loss : storm
 +Loss of life : none
 +Carrying : wire
 +Detail : She foundered in a storm. Her crew escaped in her lifeboat. Towmate of barge the CONDOR(qv).
 +After disastrous fire at Oswego in November, 1912, she was raised and sold to McNoughton Co., Ontario, and rebuilt to a barge at Port Dalhousie in 1917 
 +Dimensions as SAGE: 232x26x13 1224g 1105n
 +Sources: do2,​mmgl,​ns3,​mv,​mpl,​rp,​hcgl
 +===== News Article =====
 +Barb Wire Salvaged From Sunken Barge.
 +Ogdensburg, Sept. 20th - The steamer City of New York was in port yesterday bound for Montreal with a cargo of 425 tons of baled wire salvaged by the Donnelly Wrecking Company, of Kingston, from the barge Atlasco sunk in fifty feet of water off South Bay Point, Lake Ontario, about a month ago.
 +The Donnelly company expects to have the balance of the cargo salvaged by the end of this week. The company has been badly handicapped by bad weather.
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