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 +{{::​201607270717510.rideaulite1930asniagaraiiafurness.jpg?​400 |Micheal Green Collection}}WRECK INFO: 
 +Ship Type: Steel Sand Sucker
 +Lifespan: Built 1930, Scuttled 1999
 +Length: 182ft 
 +Depths: 100ft 
 +Location: Tobermory, Ontario ​
 +GPS: N45 15.052 W081 36.030
 +The Niagara II was originally built in England in 1930 by Furness Shipbuilding Company Ltd. It was originally named the Rideaulite and worked for Imperial Oil, running between Montreal and Ottawa. Subsequently,​ it was renamed to the Imperial Lachine. In 1954, Toronto Dry Dock Ltd. converted it to a sand sucker and it was renamed to the Niagara. In 1984, it was again renamed to the Niagara II and had it's engines converted to diesel in 1990. The owners decided to sell the Niagara II for scrap in 1997, and was subsequently purchased by the Tobermory Martime Association for $40,000. In October 1998, it was towed from Lake Erie to Tobermory and was sunk with the aid of explosives. It now is one of Tobermory'​s most popular dive sites.
 +This wreck lies in about 100 feet of water in Georgian Bay, just outside of the harbour in Tobermory, Ontario. Most of the wreck can be dove in the 70-80 ft range. The top of the wheelhouse begins at about 45 ft. The water temperatures generally don't get too high, even in the middle of summer, with typical temperatures in the mid 40F range. Being a steel wreck, it is pretty well devoid of zebra mussels, and is fully intact.
 +====== Ship Information ======
 +Name Official number Flag IMO
 +Year built Date launched Date completed
 +1930 09/04/1930 04/​1930 ​
 +Vessel type Vessel description
 +Tanker Oil Steel Screw Steamer  ​
 +Builder Yard Yard no
 +Furness Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Haverton Hill 174 
 +Tonnage Length Breadth Depth Draft
 +715 grt /  / 175.0 ft 35.2 ft  
 +Engine builder North Eastern Marine Engineering Co. Ltd.
 +Engine detail
 +T3cyl (13.5, 22, 37 x 27in), 106nhp, engine aft, 1 screw
 +1973 converted to motor vessel, Caterpillar Tractor Company made 1964, 635bhp ​
 +First owner First port of register Registration date
 +Imperial Oil Ltd., Montreal Montreal  
 +Other names
 +Subsequent owner and registration history
 +1954 Holden Sand & Gravel, Montreal
 +1967 McNamara Marine Ltd., Toronto
 +1968 Federal Equipment Quebec Ltd., Toronto
 +1969 Ontario-Lake Erie Sand Ltd., Toronto
 +1984 McKeil Work Boats Ltd., Toronto ​
 +Vessel history
 +1954 converted to a sand suction dredger
 +1984 operated as a barge after stranding damage
 +1997 sold for breaking but resold ​
 +{{::​1db7be050.jpg?​400 |}} 
 +End year Fate / Status
 +1999 Scuttled 15/​05/​1999 ​
 +Disposal Detail
 +15/05/1999 scuttled as a dive site in Georgian Bay, near Tobermory, Ontario. ​
 +====== Other On-line Information ======
 +[[Warren Lo Photography|http://​www.warrenlophotography.com/​uw/​tobermory/​niagara2/​]]
 +[[Youtube Sinking Video|https://​youtu.be/​x8FmkPZVfVw]]
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