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 +{{::​mapleglen-2.jpg?​200 |}}
 +Ship Wooden Frieghter
 +Lifespan: Built 1887 in Kingston Ontario , Scuttled 1925
 +Length: 241ft
 +Depths: 70ft
 +Location: Lake Ontario, Amherst Island, Ontario
 +GPS: N44 08 70 W76 37 09
 +====== Mills List ======
 +Mapleglen (1887)
 +Also known as:
 +Year of Build:
 +Official Number:
 +Built at:
 +Buffalo, New York
 +Tonnage (gross):
 +Previous Registration:​ U.S.A. (1920) as Wyoming
 +250x40x15 Owned by Canada Steamship Lines. Built by R. Mills & Co., Buffalo N.Y. 1887. Engine 24½-50x52 (maker unknown). Operated as "​Mapleglen"​ one year only (1920). Abandoned 1921.
 +====== Selected News Articles ======
 +The new steamer built at the Mills yard will be launched next week. She will be christened LACKAWANA. ​
 +      Buffalo Commercial Advertiser ​
 +      April 26, 1887 3-2 
 +      . . . . . 
 +      The new steamer built by R. Mills & Co. was launched Saturday afternoon. Her name, WYOMING, was given at the last moment, the intention up to that time being to call her the LACKAWANA. The WYOMING is one of the finest shaped vessels afloat. She is 242 ft. long in the keel, 255 ft. over all; her extreme beam is 40 ft., and her moulded depth is 25 ft. Her lower hold is 17 ft. and between decks she measures 8 ft. She will carry 3 spars, and has gangways for handling package freight. She has a compound engine built by Trout, with 
 +cylinders of 28 and 50 by 42 inches, and will receive 2 Riter boilers, each 15 1/2 by 9 ft., which will carry a working pressure of 128 pounds. The boat will have a freight capacity of 2,100 tons on 15 1/2 ft. draft. She is owned by R. Mills & Co., and others, and will be ready for sea by the first of June. Capt. Peter J. Kennedy, formerly on the COLORADO, will command her. 
 +      Buffalo Commercial Advertiser ​
 +      May 16, 1887 3-3 
 +      Buffalo. - The large propeller owned by R. Mills & Co., and others, and upon which work was begun in October last, was successfully launched at 3:30 o'​clock Saturday afternoon before a large crowd. The vessel had been constructed on the edge of the drydock, and on the opposite side on Friday had been erected a stout fence of planks to prevent the water raised by the vessel from inundating that portion of the shipyard. As the hugh propeller rose majestically into the narrow slip an enormous wave rose before it, and striking the fence like a liquid avalanche, literally shattered it to atoms, hardly a post remaining upright to show where the fence had stood. With the exception of the destructive work of this tidal wave no accident occurred, and the affair went off smoothly as could have been wished. ​
 +      Said Mr. Mills in describing the boat: "It had been the general impression all along, that we would name her LACKAWANNA, but at the last moment WYOMING was decided upon as the name, and so she was christened. What trade we will put her in has not yet been definitely settled upon"; but she will probably sail between Buffalo and Duluth, and is especially built for flour and grain, and will load coal for the up trips. The boat cost about $110 and is built in a thorough and workmanlike manner. ​
 +      A description of the WYOMING is as follows:- Length, 255; beam, 40; depth, 24, drawing 6 and a half on an even keel. Thoroughly well constructed,​ extra pains being taken with her fastenings and strengthenings,​ iron-strapped with two steel cords around the hull-one 12 by five eights, the other 9 by three-quarter inches; steel shelf, 24 by a half inch; steel keelson-plates on each side of the main keelson 18 by three quarter inch, running from stem to stern post. 
 +      She will contain one of Trant'​s best fore and aft compound engines, with a 28 inch high pressure and a 50 inch low pressure cylinder, with 45 inch stroke; two of Riter'​s best boilers - 9 foot shell, 16 feet long, to stand a pressure of 128 pounds. She will take on her boilers on Monday and Tuesday, and will be ready for buisness on June 1st. She will carry about 2,000 tons. 
 +      The Marine Record ​
 +      Thurs. May 19, 1887 p.5 
 +Steam screw WYOMING. U. S. No. 81150. Of 1,952.80 tons gross; 1,739.75 tons net. Built Buffalo, N.Y., 1887. Home port, Buffalo, N.Y. 241.0 x 39.9 x 14.9 
 +      Merchant Vessel List, U. S., 1891 
 +      ​
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