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 +====== HALL, JOHN E. U.S. 76790
 + ​======
 +{{::​tbrc002904518d3f.jpg?​200 |John E Hall}}Rig: Propeller
 +==== Dimensions and Tonnage ====
 +Length: 139.00
 +Width: 28.50
 +Depth: 10.75
 +Masts: 0
 +Gross Tonnage: 343.14
 +Net Tonnage: 279.27
 +Hull Material: Wood
 +==== Vessel History ====
 +History: First enrollment issued at Milwaukee, WI, March 27, 1889.
 +==== Build Information ====
 +Builder: Hanson & Scove
 +Place Built: Manitowoc, WI
 +Year Built: 1889
 +==== Disposition:​ ====
 +Foundered near Duck Islands, Lake Ontario, on December 13, 1902.
 +===== Information extracted from the Swayze Great Lakes Shipwreck File. =====
 +Type at loss : propeller, wood, bulk freight
 +Build info : 1889, Hanson & Scove, Manitowoc, WI
 +Specs : 139x29x11 343g 279n
 +Date of loss : 1902, Dec 14
 +Place of loss : N of Main Duck Isl.
 +Lake : Ontario
 +Type of loss : storm
 +Loss of life : 9 [all]
 +Carrying : coal
 +Detail : Towing barge JOHN R NOYES(qv), she was caught in a NE blizzard-gale. After days of struggle, she lost her barge, then ran for shelter. She swamped and foundered before she made it. NOYES was also lost. Bound Charlotte, NY, for Deseronto, Ont. 
 +Owned by T.D. Donovan, Oswego, NY
 +Rebuilt, 1899.
 +Sources: sol,​is,​ns1,​mv,​osdo,​mpl,​rp
 +===== Selection of News Articles =====
 +Two very good jobs of wrecking were done by the tug FAVORITE, this week. On Monday she took the steam barge JOHN F. HALL off the beach in Hammond'​s bay after 12 hours' work, arriving in Port Huron with her at a late hour that night. Early Tuesday morning she started back to her station at Cheboygan, but was intercepted at Sand Beach and sent to the assistance of the steam barge ARAXES and consorts, DRAKE and AMERICAN GIANT, which went ashore at Point aux Barques, where they are rapidly going to pieces. ​
 +      Marine Review ​
 +      September 25, 1890 
 +      ​
 +      ​
 +      Foundered With Eleven in Lake Ontario. ​
 +      Crew of Tug Ferris Made Search - Found Wreckage on Main Ducks 
 +      Other Oswego Vessels That Went Out Same Way in Past years. ​
 +      There is no further doubt but that the steamer JOHN E. HALL and her crew of eleven were lost in the vicinity of the Ducks sometime during the gale of Saturday, December 13th, and shortly after the steamer separated from her consort, the JOHN R. NOYES. ​
 +Captain Charles Ferris and the tug FERRIS arrived here Saturday night about 6:30 o'​clock with a cupboard from the galley of the steamer, which Captain George Donovan identified as belonging to his father¹s steamer, and other wreckage. The wreckage was found on the South side of the Main Ducks.
 +When Captain Ferris left here Saturday morning he steered a course which took him through the American or South channel to the St. Lawrence river. He cruised about the islands at the foot of the lake and did not find any trace of the missing steamer. The tug was then headed for the Main Ducks and while going along close to the South shore Captain Ferris saw wreckage floating and lowering a small boat went ashore and succeeded in securing the cupboard and some other strips of the boat. 
 +When the FERRIS arrived back at this port she was met by members of Captain Donovan¹s family and the reckage positively identified. ​
 +Captain Gilbert, of the schooner SEA FOAM received a telephone message from his son Saturday night which said that the HALL,S small boat, fenders and other wreckage had washed ashore at that point. ​
 +In all the Catholic churches of this city yesterday references were made to the late marine disasters on Lake Ontario and prayers were offered for the repose of the souls of the unfortunate dead. 
 +===== Further Online Reading =====
 +[[http://​images.maritimehistoryofthegreatlakes.ca/​56755/​data?​n=4|MHOTGL Selection of Articles]]
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