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 +KEY STATS: Ship Type: Steamer converted to Scow
 +Lifespan: Built 1888 Sunk 1905
 +Length: Length 113 ft (30.5m) ​
 +Depths: to 40 ft (12.6m) ​
 +Location: Milwaukee, Lake Michigan
 +GPS: N 43° 00.932'​ W 087° 52.179'​
 +====== History ======
 +The wooden steam screw Hiram R. Bond was built in 1888 in Milwaukee at the south bank of the Menominee River at the Milwaukee Shipyard. The Bond was built as a steamer but later she was cut down to a scow built sand dredge and used as a sandsucker. She was equipped with a powerful sand sucker, with which the sand was drawn up from the bottom of the lake. The vessel had a carrying capacity of 285 tons. The official number was 95966. ​
 +May 29, 1905. The sandsucker Hiram R. Bond collided with the car ferry Pere Marquette #20 while returning to port. She was carrying a load of 215 yards of sand in a dense fog bank and went to the bottom three quarters of a mile northeast of the light beacon on the breakwater with 18 fathoms of water over her. The crew members were taken ashore by a tug. The Bond sank immediately and defied all efforts to salvage the vessel. The Pere Marquette 20 received little or no damage.
 +====== David Swayze Shipwreck File ======
 +Other names : none
 +Official no. : 95966
 +Type at loss : unrigged scow, wood [built as a propeller steamer]
 +Build info : 1888, Milwaukee Ship Yard Co., Milwaukee
 +Specs : (113x26x8 231g)*
 +Date of loss : 1905, May 29
 +Place of loss : off Milwaukee
 +Lake : Michigan
 +Type of loss : collision
 +Loss of life : none
 +Carrying : sand
 +Detail : Rammed in a fog and sunk by the big carferry PERE MARQUETTE 20. The ferry rescued her crew.
 +File has accurate location of her loss.
 +* specifications as steamer
 +Sources: nsp,​cfgl,​mv,​mpl
 +====== Selection of News Articles ======
 +Divers have decided that it would be useless to undertake to save the machinery of the sandsucker HIRAM R. BOND, which sunk in Milwaukee Harbor yesterday, began the work of dynamiting her. 
 +      Buffalo Evening News 
 +      June 15, 1905 
 +      ​
 +      . . . . . 
 +The wreck of the steam sand scow HIRAM R. BOND, which sunk off Milwaukee Harbor, has been entirely removed, and the spot dredged to a depth of 30 feet. 
 +      Buffalo Evening News 
 +      July 3, 1905 
 +      . . . . . 
 +====== Other online Information ======
 +[[http://​www.wisconsinshipwrecks.org/​Vessel/​Details/​276|WI Shipwrecks]]
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