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Ship Type: Barge rated as Schooner Built: 1893 Sank 1902 Length: 225 Ft Depth: 80FFW Location: Erieau, Ontario 42° 9' 6.7212“ N -81° 23' 24.72” W

Ship Info

H. A. Barr

Wooden Great Lakes bulk freight schooner barge

Built at West Bay City MI by James Davidson, Hull 56 Launched

225’ LOA, 217’ LBP, 35’ beam, 17’ depth 1 deck, hold beams

Enrolled at Cleveland OH April 29, 1893 (#103) 217.0 x 35.0 x 16.9, 1119.59 GT, 1063.62 NT US 96218 to: W. C. Richardson 2/16 et al., Cleveland OH (home port Cleveland OH)

Entered service 1893

Sold 1901 to Algoma Central Steamship Co., Sault Ste. Marie ON (home port to Sault Ste. Marie ON) U.S. enrollment surrendered April 9, 1901 Enrolled Canadian Can 107489

David Swayze Shipwreck File

Other names : none Official no. : C107489 Type at loss : schooner-barge, wood, 3-mast Build info : 1893, Jas. Davidson, W. Bay City hull #56 [US# 96218] Specs : 217x35x17 1119g 1063n Date of loss : 1902, Sep 24 (some sources erroneously give Aug 24 as date.) Place of loss : 30 miles off Port Stanley, near Braddock Pt. Lake : Erie Type of loss : storm Loss of life : none Carrying : iron ore Detail : Downbound from Lake Superior, tow of “saltie” THEANO (qv). She broke her towline in giant waves and foundered. Her crew was picked up by THEANO Sold Canadian in 1901. Owned by Algoma Central Steamship Co. Sources: nsp,is,ns1,ledc,win,vbs,mpl,do not in mmgl

Selection of News Articles

SCHOONER BARR LOST IN LAKE. During the terrific storm which was sweeping the lakes Wednesday night the crew of the schooner H.A. BARR abandoned the boat, and shortly afterwards it went to the bottom of Lake Erie about 60 miles above Long Point. The location of the wreck is not accurately known, but it is believed to be in deep water some distance off shore.

    The schooner left Sault Ste. Marie last week in tow of the propeller THEANO, bound for Buffalo with ore. Rough weather was encountered all the way, and when Lake Erie was reached the schooner was in distress. Hatch covers were carried away by huge waves breaking over the deck, and the water settled in her hold. In spite of hard work at the pumps she continued to sink deeper into the sea, and late Wednesday afternoon the fight was given up and Capt. J.A. Stammon signalled the THEANO to take off the crew. A life-line was rigged and the men were taken from the doomed vessel. Then she sank. 
    Buffalo Evening News 
    September 26, 1902 
    An Underwriters dispatch says that the schooner H.A. BARR foundered on Lake Erie off Port Stanley in the recent storm. The crew reached Buffalo early today. The BARR was under charter to the Clergue Syndicate and was carrying iron ore from its mines to Ohio ports. 
    Port Huron Daily Tmes 
    Friday, September 26, 1902 
    The BARR sprung a leak and went to the bottom 60 miles above Long Point on Wednesday. The crew was rescued by the towing steamer THEANO. 
    Port Huron Daily Times 
    Saturday, September 27, 1902 
    . . . . . 

Notices have been sent out that most of the wreck of the CITY OF VENICE has been removed and that it is no longer dangerous. The STEVENS has been marked with an ordinary fish buoy. The wreck of the BARR is also supposed to be in the Detroit-Buffalo course and is another source of danger.

    Buffalo Evening News 
    September 27, 1902 

Schooner H.A. BARR. Official Canada No. 107489. Of 900 tons reg. Built West Bay City, Mich., 1893. Home port, Sault Ste. Marie. 220.0 x 35.0 x 16.0 Owned by Algoma Central Railway, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

    List of Vessels on the Registry Books of the 
    Dominion of Canada on December 31, 1902 

Schooner H.A. BARR, sunk in Lake Erie, had her mast and floating wreck removed by Canadian Govt. vessel PETREL during 1902.

    Report of Marine & Fisheries for 1903 
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