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 +{{:​whitestar_douglas.jpg?​200 |}}KEY STATS:
 +Ship Type: Dreging Barge
 +Lifespan: Built 1897 Sunk 1985
 +Length: Length 160 ft
 +Depths: 110 ft
 +Location: Near Pigeon Island, Lake Ontario, Canada
 +GPS: N44.01.00 W76.36.23
 + Built in 1897, this iron hulled steamer named the Whitestar , was built for the Oakville Navigation company.The White Star  was destined to ply the passenger route of Oakville, Toronto, Bronte and Hamilton area.  While being  tted during the summer of 1903 the White Star  burned and was declared a total loss.
 +The insurance company refused to settle and she was abandoned until 1905 when she was once more purchased by the St. Lawrence and Ontario Navigation Company and rebuilt for service in Cornwall as a day boat once again pressed into passenger service except this time for short trips.
 +Again in 1926 she was gutted by  re in Hamilton, then sold to John Solwards, who had her rebuilt as a coal barge. The White Star  remained in this service for 13 years before being abandoned yet again. In 1949 here remains were purchased by the Simpson Sand Company and she was converted into a sand sucker and renamed the SM Douglas . The SM Douglas ​ carried on the tradition started by the White Star  and she was abandoned yet again in 1973, in Brockville. She had been reported as a dive site in the Brockville Narrows but in 1977 she was moved to Kingston to be used as a break wall.
 +{{ :​sm-douglas-moving_to_kingston-_2_.jpg?​200|}}
 +In 1985 the SM Douglas was finally towed out of Kingston harbour and scuttled by the MTO in deep water south off the Main Ducks islands. ​ However bad weather and a sinking ship the line was cut and she sank north of the islands. ​
 +She was reloctated in 1997 by Spencer Shoniker, Rick Neilson and Willy Dempsey thinking they were diving the Tug Frontenac. Prior to being scuttled she was {{ :​diverbow.jpg?​200|}}completely stripped. While the bow area and foredeck is mainly intact the main deck, crane and aft cabin and bridge were completely removed.
 +{{ :​wiki:​smdouglastrmay18.jpg?​400|}}
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