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 +====== Wreck Info ====== 
 +Ship Type: Package Freighter  
 +Lifespan: Built 1857 Sunk 1875  
 +Length: Length 181ft (55m)  
 +Depths: to 230 ft (70m)  
 +Location: Whitefish Bay, Lake Superior 
 +GPS 46°43.02′N 84°52.00′W 
 +====== Ship Info ====== 
 +United States 
 +Name:​ Comet 
 +Owner: Dean Richmond (New York Central Railroad Company)1875;​ W. M. Hanna and George W. Chapin, Cleveland, Ohio 1875 
 +Port of registry:​ Cleveland,​ Ohio  United States 
 +Builder:​ Peck & Masters, Cleveland, Ohio 
 +Completed:​ 1857 
 +Fate: Sank in Whitefish Bay 26 August 1875 after colliding with the Manitoba 
 +Notes:​ United States Registry # 5683 
 +General characteristics 
 +Class and type:​ Propeller 
 +Tonnage:​ 744 Gross Register Tonnage 
 +Length: 181 ft (55 m) 
 +Beam: 29 ft (8.8 m) 
 +Depth:​ 12.33 ft (3.76 m) 
 +Propulsion:​ Propeller,​ direct acting vertical engine 
 +Crew: 19 
 +===== David Swayze Shipwreck File ===== 
 +Other names : none 
 +Official no. : 5683 
 +Type at loss : propeller, package and bulk freight 
 +Build info : 1857, Peck & Masters, Cleveland 
 +Specs : 181x29x13, 744 t. 
 +Date of loss : 1875, Aug 26 
 +Place of loss : 7 mi SE of Whitefish Pt., Whitefish Bay 
 +Lake : Superior 
 +Type of loss : collision 
 +Loss of life : 11 of 21 
 +Carrying : ores and pig iron,sacks of wool 
 +Detail : While trying to pass the Beatty Line steamer MANITOBA on a foggy night, signals were misunderstood and COMET veered into the path of MANITOBA and was rammed on the port side about 25 feet aft of the stem, cutting her nearly in two. She sank in 5 minutes or less and lies in 300 feet of water. Owned by Hanna Co. of Cleveland. Bound Marquette for Cleveland. 
 +Sister of str ROCKET.  
 +Built as a freighter, with passenger accommodations added two years later. 
 +Collided with prop SILVER SPRAY near Port Huron in Aug 1869 and sunk her. Two months later she suffered another collision with the prop HUNTER in a passing mishap similar to her final accident, and both vessels sank. 
 +Rebuilt in 1863, 74. 
 +Wreckage located in 1980. 
 +Sources: is(2-69),​lss,​gwgl,​sol,​is,​hgl,​usls,​eh,​mpl,​es,​jb,​nsp,​hcgl 
 +==== Other On-Line Information ==== 
 +[[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​w/​index.php?​title=Comet_(steamboat)&​oldid=889164706|Wikipedia contributors,​ 'Comet (steamboat)',​ Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia,​ 23 March 2019, 22:33 UTC, [accessed 26 August 2019]]] 
 +[[https://​www.shipwreckmuseum.com/​underwater-research/​comet/​|Museum Display]]
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