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 +{{::​tmhs000111065f.jpg?​200 |}}Ship Type: Tugboat
 +Lifespan: Built 189?, Sunk 1985
 +Length: 100ft 
 +Depths: 75ft 
 +Location: Ludington, Michigan ​
 +GPS: N 43 50.253 W 86 29.023
 +1982: The tug COMANCHE had an electrical fire while at DeTour, MI, and the blaze destroyed the cabins and pilothouse. The hull was surrendered to the underwriters on June 14 and it later sank while under tow off Ludington on December 12, 1985.
 +====== Other Online Resources ======
 +[[https://​www.youtube.com/​audiolibrary/​music?​o=U&​ar=2|Youtube Video by Chris Roxburgh
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