COLUMBUS ex JOHN OWEN C117039WRECK INFO: Ship Type: Frieghter converted to Tug Lifespan: Built 1874, Sunk 1910 Length: 136ft Depths: 15ft Location: Gargantua, Lake Superior, Ontario GPS: N47.559643, -84.953425

COLUMBUS Registry and Rig Information Name OWEN, JOHN Registry U.S. Official Number 75608 Rig Tug Dimensions and Tonnage Length 136.16 Width 25.16 Depth 11.66 Gross Tonnage 328.34 Net Tonnage 245.55 Hull Material Wood Hull Number 00028 Vessel History History First enrollment issued at Detroit, MI, June 29, 1874. Last U.S. enrollment surrendered at Port Huron, MI, March 9, 1907, and endorsed \“sold alien.\” Disposition Burned at dock, Gargantua Harbour, Ontario, Lake Superior, on September 10, 1910. Build Information Builder Detroit Dry Dock Co. Place Built Detroit, MI Date Built 1874-00-00 Source Source HCGL Vessel Names Name Begin Date End Date Registry Official Number COLUMBUS 1907-00-00 1910-00-00 CANADA 117039

David Swayze Shipwreck File

Other names : built as JOHN OWEN, last name in 1907 Official no. : C117039 Type at loss : propeller, wood, bulk freight (built as large tug) Build info : 1874, Detroit Dry Dock Co., Detroit US#75608 hull# 28 Specs : 136x25x12 439gc 230nc Date of loss : 1909, Sep 10 Place of loss : Gargantua, Ont. Lake : Superior Type of loss : fire Loss of life : ? Carrying : ? Detail : Burned to total loss at her dock. She was cut loose and allowed to drift out into the bay, where she sank. The top of her engine still shows above the water. Sold Canadian in 1907 Sources: gld,atl,gwgl,is,csv,lss,win,mmgl,mpl,do,hcgl

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Steam tug COLUMBUS. Official Canadian No. 117039. Of 439 tons gross. Built at Detroit in 1874. Ex JOHN OWEN. U.S. No. 75608. 136.2 x 25.2 x 11.8. DISPOSITION. - Burnt at Dock, Gargantua Harbor, Lake Superior, Sept. 10, 1909.

    Provisional List of Canadian Steamships 
    1809 to 1930, World Ship Society 

JOHN OWEN Built March 7, 1874 Steam Tug - Wood U. S. No. 75608 328 gt - 245 nt 136.2 x 25.2 x 11.8 (b) COLUMBUS - Can - 1906 (C 117039)

    Burned at dock, Gargantua Haibor, Ontario, Lake Superior, September 10, 1909. 
    Detroit/Wyandotte Shipbuilding Master List 
    Institute for Great lakes Research 
    Perrysburg, Ohio. 
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