Ship Type: Steel Barge Lifespan: Built 1913, Sunk 1942 Length: 260ft Depths: 80ft Location: Ohio, Lake Erie GPS: 41° 47' 28.0788“ N-81° 36' 0.36” W


On the afternoon of December 1, 1942, the tug Admiral with the barge Cleveco in tow, left her dock at Toledo, outward bound on Lake Erie, for Cleveland. The tug had a crew of thirteen men under the master, Captain Swanson, and the barge, a crew of seventeen, with Captain Smith as master. The barge was loaded with a cargo of fuel oil for delivery at the port of Cleveland. At the time the vessels cleared the harbor, about 2:45 P.M., a light southeasterly wind was blowing. The weather was calm. No storm warnings had been hoisted to indicate any change

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