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 ===== Further Information ===== ===== Further Information =====
-  * [https://​youtu.be/​GFt0nAjI21w|[Video by Rich Synowiec]]+  * [[https://​youtu.be/​GFt0nAjI21w|Video by Rich Synowiec]]
   * [[https://​vimeo.com/​236624597|Video by Ken Merryman]]   * [[https://​vimeo.com/​236624597|Video by Ken Merryman]]
   * [[https://​photos.liquidproductions.com/​City-of-Detroit/​i-2R5pw7G/​| Becky Kegan Scott Liquid Productions]]   * [[https://​photos.liquidproductions.com/​City-of-Detroit/​i-2R5pw7G/​| Becky Kegan Scott Liquid Productions]]
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