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Ship Type: Side Wheeler Steamer Lifespan: Built 1859, Sunk Dec 4 1873 Length: 166 ft Depths: 180 ft Location: Saginaw Bay, Lake Michigan

Shipwreck Information

The shipwreck of the Side-Wheel Steamer Detroit is the most intact side-wheeler in the Great Lakes. It was built in 1859 and after a short career sprang a leak in 1872 in a gale off Harrisville, MI Lake Huron but made it to shore before sinking. It was while it was being released on October 14, 1872 and under tow that it again sank in deep water with no loss of life. The upper cabins are gone but the hull, sponsons, side-wheels, and walking beam steam engine are all intact although covered with Quagga mussels

Ship Files

Swayze Shipwreck File

CITY OF DETROIT Other names : none Official no. : 4378 Type at loss : propeller, wood, passenger & package freight Build info : 1866, Lester, Marine City, MI Specs : 166x28x11, 652 t. Date of loss : 1873, Dec 4 Place of loss : Saginaw Bay Lake : Huron Type of loss : storm Loss of life : 20 [all] Carrying : 8,000 bu. wheat, bbls of flour Detail : Bound Milwaukee for Sarnia and towing the barge GUIDING STAR, she sailed into a storm, never sailed out. The barge was cut loose and made her way under sail to the Canada side of the lake. The skipper of the barge said he thought CITY OF DETROIT's machinery became disabled and she was overwhelmed. She sank in 2-300 feet of water.. Her loss is worst disaster within the limits of Saginaw Bay. Owned by John Pridgeon, Detroit. Another vessel of this name was reportedly sunk off Barcelona, NY, on Sep 10, 1873. So far this has not been confirmed. [eas,h,gl] Sources: is(2-58),lhl,h,gl,nsp

BGSU Files

Registry and Rig Information Vessel Name: CITY OF DETROIT Nationality: U.S. Official Number: 4378 Rig: Propeller Dimensions and Tonnage Length: 167.00 Width: 27.58 Depth: 12.00 Masts: 0 Gross Tonnage: 652.00 Net Tonnage: 0.00 Hull Material: Wood Hull Number: Vessel History Rebuilds: History: Towed to Detroit from Marine City by steamer REINDEER in July, 1866, to receive machinery. Disposition: Foundered on Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron, on December 4, 1873, with all hands; twenty lives lost. Vessel bound from Chicago for Sarnia with cargo of wheat, flour, and merchandise under command of Captain Ryder. Loss of cargo, $50,000; insured for $40,000. Loss to ship, $40,000; insured for $30,000. Build Information

Builder: Lester, David Place Built: Marine City, MI Year Built: 1866 Ownership Changes

Owner Date Registry Official Number C.C. Blodgett (5/8), S.C. Blodgett (1/8), Hodge & Christie (2/8) current U.S. John Pridgeon current U.S.

Further Information

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