• Wood Propeller
  • 50ffw 17m
  • 260ft Length
  • Clear Creek, ON, Lake Erie

Chronological History #

  • 1881, March 12 Receiving interior iron arch 150′ long, 26″ wide, 1″ thick at Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1883, May Damaged in gale, Lake Michigan
  • 1883, July Broke her crank pin & damaged engine on Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron
  • 1884 Damaged $8,000 in Lake Superior gale
  • 1887, April Bow crushed by ice, required assistance to Beaver Island harbor for repairs
  • 1890, May 18 Rolled out her mizzenmast, lost main mast head in Lake Huron gale, Saginaw Bay
  • 1891 Extensive repairs at Cleveland Dry Dock Company
  • 1893, April 5 Owned John Mitchell, et.al., Cleveland
  • 1893, October 14 Foundered, Lake Erie
  • 1893, November 11 Enrollment surrendered, Cleveland
  • 1894, September 1 Engines & boilers removed

Selection of News Articles for more www.maritimehistoryofthegreatlakes.ca #

Buffalo [Sunday Morning] News 
      Sunday, October 22, 1893 p.1, c.7  #

      Erie, Pa., Oct. 21. – The third day’s search for the bodies of the victims of the steamer WOCOKEN, off Long Point, resulted in yesterday in the recovery of the bodies of Capt. Meswald, the master of the vessel, and that of his seaman, Wilhelm Pocek of Ashtabula. The bodies were found in their life preservers 10 miles off Long Point. Capt. Mitchell will continue the search for the body of his sister, the wife of Capt. Meswald, and the other 10 victims. 

Buffalo Evening News 
      Friday, November 24, 1893 p1, c.1   #

The body of another victim of the ill-fated steamer WOCOKEN, which foundered off Long Point on Oct. 14, drifted ashore yesterday and was found at the foot of Austin street. 
      Papers found in the pockets of the victim indicated that he was Edmund C. Eldridge of the crew of the WOCOKEN. The body was badly decomposed. 
      Coroner Tucker sent the papers to Cleveland to see if the owners of the WOCOKEN can identify them. The body was taken to the Morgue. 
      The following telegram was received by Coroner Tucker this morning: 
” Ship body found, which is that of Edward C. Eldridge, to St. Clair, Mich., immediately. We notified his father who will look for him. Please write me fully. 
      “John Mitchell” 
      The body will be shipped at midnight in a sealed casket.

Merchant Vessel List, U.S., 1891 #

Steam screw WOCOKEN. U. S. No. 80778. oF 1,400.37 Tons Gross; 1,179.10 TONS nET. Built in Cleveland, Ohio in 1870. Home port, Cleveland, Ohio. 251.6 x 37.2 x 18.5 Of 1,261 nominal horsepower. 

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