Site Description

  • Tug Fishing
  • 75ffw 22m
  • 70ft Length
  • Port Dover, Lake Erie
  • N 42 42.140  W 080 02.068 

  • 1911 Launched Collingwood ON 68 x 16
  • 1914 Owner JA MacDonald, Wilma Fish Co. Ltd
  • 1917 Rebuild 75x16x8
  • 1934 Ownership Transfer MacGraw MacDonald Wilma Fish Co. Ltd.
  • 1938 Holed by Ice and sunk Lake Erie

Cautions: Fishing nets on wreck

Location: 122ºT 10 miles off Port Dover, Ontario
Coordinates: Loran:                GPS:42 42.150      80 02.068
Official #: 130236
Lies: bow northwest                 Depth: 75 feet
Type: tug                                 Cargo: fish
Power: steam engine
Owner(s) Wilma Fish Company of Port Dover, Ontario
Built: 1911 at Collingwood, Ontario
Dimensions: 67.9’  x  16’  x  6.7’   Tonnage: 42 gross  20 net
Date of Loss: Tuesday, April 14, 1936
Cause of Loss: cut by ice

This tug sank April 14, 1936 ,when ice punched out a plank near the boiler on the starboard side. The hull is made of wood and it is usually buoyed with a marker. Sitting upright in 75 feet of water, the Wilma is a popular dive site out of Port Dover.  The main features of the wreck are the stack that lays along the port side, the boiler, and the forward hatch with a ladder leading below.  Care should be taken due to the fish net around the wreck.

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