NOTES From the Collection of: C. Patrick Labadie #

PRESTON, WILLIAM I (1861, Schooner) Official Number: 26563
Built at: Oswego, NY Vessel Type: Schooner Hull Materials: Wood Number of Decks: 1
Builder Name: George Goble
POWER Number of Masts: 2
DIMEnsionsLength: 136′ Beam: 25′ Depth: 11′ Tonnage (old style): 391
Final Location: Southwest point of Wolfe Island, ONT. Lake Ontario.
Date: 18 Nov 1888 Driven ashore & wrecked.
Final Cargo: Wheat.
Notes: Bound Detroti, MI to Ogdensburg, NY.
1863 Owned Carrington & Co., Oswego, NY.
1865 Readmeasured 278.73 gross tons.
1869, May Damaged in collision with Milwaukee pier, WI, Lake Michigan.
1871 Owned Goble & Co., Oswego; new decks & centreboard box.
1871, Nov Ashore with wheat, mouth of Niagara River; lightered; towed to, beached, then sank, Youngstown, Niagara River.
1872, Jun 13 Raised & repaired.
1872, Jul 16 Purchased at auction by George Goble, Oswego.
1872, Oct 5 Disabled Centreboard, Lake Erie.
1878 Repaired. 1880, Nov Rigging damaged, Lake Erie.
1882 Repaired; 264.79 net tons.
1888, Nov 18 Wrecked, same owner.

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