• Package Freighter
  • 70ffw 19m
  • 212ft Lengths
  • Port Burwell, Lake Erie
  • ?

The burned-out remains of the WILLIAM H. STEVENS have been found and then lost again several times over the years.  She is reported to have a six-foot rise at the bow and to be completely opened up.  At this time, we are unable to divulge the exact coordinates of the wreck.  For those who would like to do a little searching, here are some starting points.  She is reported to be at 42º19’ north 80º40’ west, 23 ¾ miles off Port Burwell, 23 miles from the Long Point Cut Light, 30 ½ miles from the Presque Isle Light, and 35 miles southwest ¾ west of Long Point Light. 

  • 1891, Sep 6 Aground between Point Au Pines & Cinder Point.
  • 1891, Oct 16 Fitted with double hoists for handling cargo.
  • 1893, Dec Owned Crescent Transportation Co.
  • 1894, Apr Boiler repaired.
  • 1895, Feb Leased to French’s Union Transit Line.
  • 1899 Owned Union Transit Co., Buffalo, NY.
  • 1904 Burned and sank near Port Burwell, Lake Erie
  • 1908 Salvaging ends with 60t of copper recovered.

Selection of News Articles for more www.maritimehistoryofthegreatlakes.ca #

Buffalo Evening News 
      July 6, 1904   #

      Detroit man Has Located and begins Lifting Valuable Cargo.  
Detroit, Mich., July 6. — Wrecking Master Harris W. baker of Detroit, has located the wreck of the steamer W.H. STEVENS burned in lake Erie in September 1903, with a cargo of merchandise, including about 175 tons of copper valued at $55,000. The wreck is off Port Burwell, Ont., on the Buffalo course, and is covered by 72 feet of water. It is reported that a quantity of copper already has been brought to the surface. Capt. Baker left Detroit with his steamer, the SNOOK, and four submarine divers some weeks ago in search of the copper contained in the wreck, having made a contract with the insurance underwriters

Buffalo Evening News 
      September 11, 1902  #

Capt. Sinclair of the tug trust last night received a dispatch at Cleveland from Erie that a tug sighted the wreck of a vessel about 25 miles west by north of Erie, with her bow about 25 feet out of the water. It is thought to be the STEVENS.

Buffalo Evening News 
      July 9, 1908  #

Ashtabula, July 9. — Capt. G. W. Maytham and diver Anderson are conducting a wrecking expedition in the middle of lake Erie in an endeavor to recover 800 tons of copper lost when the package freighter W. H. STEVENS went down in 1904 off Port Burwell. The wreck was located recently. 

Buffalo Evening News 
      June 17, 1910  #

WRECK IDENTIFIED. — It has been discovered that the spar sighted about 30 miles off Long Point marks the wreck of the steamer W.H. STEVENS, burned nine years ago, and is not the wreck of the BESSEMER-MARQUETTE 

Frank Wheeler & Co., West Bay City Shipbuilding Master List 
      Institute for Great Lakes research 
      Perrysburg, Ohio  #

WILLIAM H. STEVENS. Built July, 1886 Package Freight Propeller -Wood 
U. S. No. 81120 1332 gt -1025 nt 212.4′ x 37.2′ x 13.7′ 
Burned and sank off Clear Creek, Lake Erie, September 8, 1902. 

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