• Schooner
  • 18ffw 6m
  • 117ft Length
  • Long Point, Lake Erie
  • Loran: 44502.5   58476.7

Chronological History #

  • 1855 Enrolled Sandusky, Ohio
  • 1859 Owned Bliss O. Wilcox, et.al., Fairport, Ohio
  • 1860 Ashore South Bay Point, Lake Ontario; released
  • 1862, September 8 Lost man overboard off Point Abino, Lake Erie
  • 1863 Owned Wilcox & Fountain, Fairport
  • 1865 Rebuilt, remeasured, 213.79 gross tons
  • 1866, July Sunk in St.Lawrence River, off Brockville with cargo corn 
  • for Ogdensburg, New York; raised & repaired
  • 1871 Owned Jno. McKay, Cleveland, Ohio

Selection of News Articles for more www.maritimehistoryofthegreatlakes.ca #

Buffalo Commercial Advertiser 
      November 9, 1874, 3-6 #

The schr. WILD ROVER ashore at Long Pt., near the FRANCIS PALMS, is reported a total loss. She was loaded with block stone for Toronto, which there is small hopes of saving. The vessel is owned by Capt. Webb and E.B. Eager of Cleveland, and is valued at $10,000; partially insured. 

Port Huron Daily Times 
      Tuesday, November 10, 1874 #

      The loss of the old barge DETROIT and the schooner WILD ROVER removes from the records of Lake Shipping the vessels which have served well and faithfully for many years. The DETROIT was the first built propeller of Detroit, was 200 tons burthen, and came into commission in 1845. She was got up by J.W. Lawson, a well-known forwarding merchant in those days. The WILD ROVER was in her 19th year and was built at Fairport by Wilson & Fountain. The DETROIT terminated her existence at Point Abino and the ROVER two miles above Long Point.

  Cleveland Herald 
      Wednesday, June 28, 1876  #

RECOVERED. — The Buffalo Courier of the 27th says that the schooner PHANTOM arrived from Port Ryerse yesterday, having on board a quantity of ship’s material taken from the schooner WILD ROVER, of Cleveland, now abandoned at Long Point. 

Merchant Vessel List, U. S., 1871  #

Schooner WILD ROVER. U. S. No. 26238. Of 213.79 tons. Home port, Cleveland, Ohio. 

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