C.Patrick Labadie Great Lakes Ships
  • Wood Propeller
  • 22ffw 7m
  • 250ft length
  • Middle Sister Island, Lake Erie
  • 41 50.592      82.59.567
  • PROP SHAFT: 41 50.609   82 59.850

Chronological History #

1903 Apr 13 Tonnage change 2,283 gross/ 1,590 net tons.

1906 Nov Grounded North Point, Lake Michigan.

1913 Mar Burned & sank Hurlbut Coal Dock, Green Bay, WI.

1916 Oct Raised & owned Orion Steamship Co., Sturgeon Bay, WI.

1918 Owned Paisley Steamship co., renamed WESEE.

1920 Jul Sald Canadian; C138574; 265.5 x 42 x 22.7′; 1,829 gross/ 1,062 net tons.

1923 Nov 12 Burned.

Selection of News Articles for more www.maritimehistoryofthegreatlakes.ca #

Detroit Free Press 
      October 31, 1900  #

The Green Bay Vessel Company’s new steamer, launched on Saturday, was named ORION. Her overall length is 282 feet, beam 42 feet 2 inches, depth of hold amidship 16 feet. As a carrier, she will rank in the class slightly below medium.

Marine Review 
      November 1, 1900  #

A wooden steamer of about 3,000 tons capacity was launched at Green Bay, Wis., a few days ago, and named ORION. The vessel was built by her owners, Capt. P.F. Thrall and Mr. O.L. Harder, and will be owned. by the Green Bay Vessel Co., which they control. The ORION is 282 ft. over all, 270 ft. keel, 42 1/4 ft. beam and 16 ft. depth at the midship hatch. She has eight hatches and two pole spars. The hull is steel arched and strapped and is very strong in all its parts. Engines are fore-and-aft compound with cylinders of 25 and 52 in. diameter and 40 in. stroke. They were made by H.G. Trout of the King Iron Works Buffalo. The boiler, 11 ½ x 13 ft. and allowed 130 lbs. pressure, was built by Johnston Bros. of Ferrysburg, Mich. Other machinery includes a steam windlass of Bath Iron Works make, Williamson steam steerer and a hoisting engine furnished by the Chase Machine Co. of Cleveland. There are also two stockless anchors of Baldt manufacture. 

* Formerly steam Screw ORION. 
      Merchant Vessel List, U.S., 1918  #

Steam screw WESEE.* U. S. No. 155401. Of 2,283 gross tons; 1,590 tons net. Built at Green Bay, Wis., in 1901. Home port, Milwaukee, Wis. 409.6 x 54.2 x 27.1 Freight service. Crew of 17. Of 1,200 indicated horse power. 

Herman Runge List  #

Steam screw ORION.* U. S. No. 155401. Of 1736 gross tons. Built Green Bay, Wis., 1901. 282.6 x 42.2 x 18.1  
      * Renamed WEESEE – U. S. 1918 
      WEESEE – Canada – 1920 [C 138574] 

Mills Listing

  • Built at: Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Propulsion: Screw
  • Tonnage (gross):1829
  • Final Location: Lake Erie How: Burnt
  • Previous Registration: U.S.A. (1921)
  • 266x42x23 Owned by Massey & Gatfield, Sandwich Ont., operated by Border Transit Co., 1920-1923. Destroyed by fire 11/11/23 Lake Erie.

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