THE LATE STORM. — We have received particulars of further disasters in the storm on Lake Ontario, of the 7th. inst, the most calamitous is that of the WELLINGTON, laden with wheat. That vessel took shelter from the storm in Presqu’Isle, and it is supposed her cargo got wet. She put out the next day, and nothing but her fragments have since cast up, coming ashore at Wellington. There can be little doubt that the grain on board her had swelled until the seams opened, and that she foundered in the lake, and there is every reason to fear that all hands were lost.. We regret to say that a nephew of Mr. Archibald McFaul of Wellington, was on board her, and there is no reason to hope that he escaped the fate of the crew. 

F O R S A L E 
      The Schooner W E L L I N G T O N 
      A new vessel recently built, and is now lying at the wharf of Mr. Patrick Smith, at Kingston, and will be sold by Public Auction to the highest bidder. To commence on Monday, the first day of April next, at One O’Clock p. m. 
      All materials for finishing the said vessel, will be sold with her. 
      Kingston Gazette 
      March 16, 1816 

      Before Mr. Justice Day and a special jury This was an action on a policy of insurance effected on the cargo of a schooner called the WELLINGTON, consisting of about 3,000 bushels of wheat. The vessel left Wellington Square for Kingston, on the night of the 6th. October, 1845, and on the Sunday following, foundered in a squall off Nicholsons Island. The case was tried in September last. (part of article) 
      Toronto Globe 
      March 25, 1848

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