Various Lost Village Sites

Sunken Villages – The Story of the Lost Villages of the St Lawrence Seaway #

July 1, 1958, is remembered as Inundation Day in the region near Cornwall, Ontario, and Ogdensburg, New York. At 08:00 a controlled explosion tore open a cofferdam and four days later an area once home to 7,500 people disappeared under the waves of Lake St. Lawrence, part of the newly created St. Lawrence Seaway.

On the Canadian side, twelve communities, some dating back to the 1700s, was gone. Maple Grove, Mille Roches, Moulinette, Sheeks Island, Wales, Dickinson’s Landing, Farran’s Point, and Aultsville were entirely destroyed; Iroquis was demolished and moved inland continuing on in name; and, about half of Morrisburg – including its waterfront, business district, and main street – were leveled.

In St Lawrence County on the American side, the community of Croil’s Island disappeared and, along Highway 37B, Louisville Landing and Richards Landing ceased to exist. Much of Waddington was also dismantled.

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