This is an interesting dive site, of historical and nostalgic value to local residents and history buffs. During the construction of the hydroelectric dams at Rolphton in the 1950s, a section of the Ottawa River (from Rolphton to Mattawa) was flooded to create the reservoir now known as Holden Lake. The flooding resulted in a number of small communities, farms, and lumber depots being flooded. While the buildings were all removed before the flood came, the foundations and other semi-permanent features were left in place. Many of the depots and communities are now under 60 to 90’ of water, but the upper Stonecliffe village is only under 15 to 30’ of water, making the site quite accessible. Photographs of this and other villages are available for viewing along with interesting storylines at the “Virtual Museum Canada” website “The Swisha Project”

Deep River Underwater Club Dive Report

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