This wreck is laying near the dropoff on the Dickinson Island side of the Middle Channel, south of the no-wake zone. The bow is pointing up current, and the wreck is listing at a 45′ angle to starboard. The deck has sheared off from the hull, and slid to starboard a few feet, mostly at the bow. This gives the sonar image its “scissor” shape, as if it were seeing double at one end. There is some machinery and hardware on the wreck. The wreck is in 25 feet of water, and stands 20 feet tall to a least depth of 5 feet. If the water is clear, you might be able to see something by looking down over the side of the boat. Sometimes there are ripples in the water above the wreck. There is a small clearing in the weeds near by, that can be used for anchoring a small boat in order to shore-dive it. 

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