Union Station Bone Yard

Schooner Days CMXLVIII (948) #


Among other “skeletons of the boneyard” which thus disappeared were the hulls of the small schooner F. F. Cole, the larger Echo, and the still larger Annie Mulvey, burned in the Esplanade fire of 1885, and the steel cylinder of the Knapp roller boat. Mr. McLennan says this sand inundation also buried what remained of the Cibola.

Her buried remains I think will be underneath the railway tracks of the lines which the freight trains used to bypass the Union Station. The men who advocated the harbor development were men of vision. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their determination to put over the development of the waterfront of which all citizens are very proud. Toronto is now faced with another big development. Present prejudices against expansion should be forgotten. Toronto will be a real big city on the American continent of which the present generation will be proud and of the foresight of the progressive leadership of 1950.”

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