Unidentified Hull – Main Duck Island

From – Christmassing on the Main Duck: Schooner Days CXIX (119)
Toronto Telegram (Toronto, ON), 23 Dec 1933 #

“There is a bluff along the north-east face of the island, and then a beach, and then this little harbor, and then a point. Outside the point, close in, lay a wreck, the backbone and ribs of an old-time wooden ship. The story went that she was an eighteen-twelver, lost there in the war, or beached after a battle.

“The point was called Graveyard Point, and there were little sunken mounds there, like graves, and marks on the frees, as if memorials had been cut. Buttons and bones used to be found here, and the story went that the killed in one of the lake fights in the War of 1812 had been buried on the point.”

(The only thing of this kind officially recorded is Sir James Lucas Yeo’s running fight with Commodore Chauncey across Lake Ontario, Sept. 11, 1813, in which the British brig Moira was badly mauled. Four men were killed and seven wounded. Yeo put into the Ducks to shake himself clear of the weather-gage which Chauncey held, and it is quite possible that he buried his dead on the Main Duck, which he passed on his way to Kingston. Another naval action in which the Ducks figured was on Oct. 6 in the same year, when Chauncey captured a transport convoy off the Main Duck; but there were, apparently, no casualties, although one British gunboat was burned. Would hers be the hull lying off Graveyard Point?)

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