Name of Ship: TRADE WIND
Year of Registration: 1885
Type of Ship: Schooner
Port of Registry: St. Catharines, Ontario
Where Built: Port Hope, Ontario
Net Tonnage:181Remarks:
Transferred to Whitby, Ontario on January 14, 1887
Official Number:88637

Name of Ship: TRADE WIND
Year of Registration: 1887
Type of Ship: Schooner
Port of Registry: Whitby, Ontario
Where Built: Port Hope, Ontario
Net Tonnage:181Remarks:

  • Burnt in Kingston Harbour on April 5, 1909
  • Registry closed March 30, 1911

Official Number:88637

Wind and Hail. 
      A Startling Display Of The Elements On Saturday. 
      The shipping in the river suffered also. The schooner TRENTON broke loose from her dock and drifted away, but was not damaged. The schooner TRADE WIND was lying just outside the harbor, and when the squall came up an effort was made to get her inside, and in doing so a hole was stove in her starboard side by running against the dock. 
      Cleveland Herald 
      April 30, 1877 

      Kingston, Ont. April 13. — Disaster has overtaken several vessels since navigation opened. Saturday the schooner CALKINS smashed herself and the Cataraqui swing bridge and last night the schooner TRADE WIND, as she was about to clear for Oswego, took fire at the Kingston and Pembroke wharf. The loss was $1,500 partially insured. 
      Buffalo Evening News 
      Tuesday, April 13, 1909 

he schr. TRADE WIND, bound from Cobourg to Cleveland with iron ore was towed to Erie Wednesday by the revenue cutter COMMODORE PERRY, in a disabled condition. The PERRY found her lying at anchor, perfectly helpless, having lost her rudder. 
      Buffalo Daily Courier 
      October 25, 1873 3-4 

The “TRADE WIND.” — The Brighton Sentinel has a long and spirited account of the launch of the schooner TRADE WIND, which took place at Colborne, C.W., on Wednesday last. This being the first vessel built at that place, the launch called together two or three thousand persons to witness it. 
Among them was a large number of ladies, who presented Mr. J. M. Grover, the owner, with a beautiful flag, for his vessel, in a neat and appropriate address, to which Mr. Grover responded in suitable terms. The Sentinel says, “great praise is due to Mr. Peter Lamoree, the builder, for his skill and calculation, in arranging everything so that no accident occurred, and that the vessel did not ground, as the water was barely enough to carry her 
      “After the launch a number of Mr. Grover’s friends repaired to his residence, and partook of a lunch prepared in sumptuous style. We wish Mr. Grover every success, and long may he be spared an ornament to Colborne and surrounding country.” 
      Since writing the above, we have seen the TRADE WIND, she having arrived in our harbor; and a beautiful craft she is, a credit to her enterprising owner and the skillful mechanic who built her. Mr. Lamoree is an old resident of our city and we are pleased to witness this evidence of his skill as a shipbuilder. The Trade Wind is to be employed principally, in the large and rapidly increasing trade between this place and Colborne. 
      Oswego Times 
      Wednesday, June 1, 1853 

TRADE WIND Schooner, lost her jibboom by collision at Chicago. 
      Marine Disasters on the Western 
      Lakes during 1869, Capt. J.W. Hall 

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