TIGER river barge. 1883-1895. 202.45 tons register, 106.83’. Capacity 13,000 bushels. Built by George Tate at Montreal in 1863. No masts. Round stern. 1866 rated 1 and valued at $3,000. 1878 rated 2 and valued at $3,500. 1884 rated B11⁄2. Rated not insurable in 1885. In 1887 she was rated coarse freight only [see definitions]. George Tate, her builder, was TIGER`s first owner and then in 1863-67 she was owned by Holcomb & Cowan. In 1869-71 she was owned by J.H. Henderson. She was repaired in 1875 and 1878. In 1877-83, she was owned by St. Lawrence & Chicago Forwarding (Coulthurst & McPhee) and came to Montreal Transportation Co. when they took over that firm. In 1891 she was damaged by fire (arson) near the Cotton Mill in Kingston’s inner harbour. At the time the Whig described her as rotten. She was then broken up and was removed from the register on 27 April 1899.

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