• 4 Tug Boats
  • 20ffw 7m
  • Scattered throughout Harbour
  • Little Tub Harbour, Tobermory, Lake Huron

1. John & Alice a 59′ fishing tug built in Port Dover in 1924, burned and sank here on December 6, 1947.

2. Bob Foote burned and sank in 1905.

3. Robert K another Port Dover-built tug burned and sank on June 23, 1935.

4. Alice G a 67′ tug ran aground and sank in November 1927.

In front of the Grandview Inn, there is a wooden access deck. Wrecks 1 – 3 are found to the left of the deck, and are all badly broken up, and scatter. Wreck 4, the Alice G, is the most intact and buoyed to the right fo the deck.

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