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Terry’s Tug – – Tom Rutledge
  • 1800’s Wooden Tug
  • 90ffw
  • 60ft lengths
  • Brother Islands, Lake Ontario
  • N 44’12.868 W76’38.147

A scuttled wooden tug boat named “Terry’s tug” is unidentified tug but is believed to be from the Collins Bay Rafting and Forwarding Company that worked out of the local area.

Terry’s Tug is a decent-sized tugboat which appears to have been scuttled with some machinery still on board. The entire upper deck and superstructure are missing, but the hull is still in remarkably good condition.

A dredging bucket and related equipment rests at the bottom of the hull near the middle of the boat. The rail is largely in tact as is the tow bit and her entire stern.

Located with the TARDIS II

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