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  • Schooner
  • 98ffw
  • 121f Length
  • Wolfe Island Graveyard, Lake Ontario
  • N 44’06.885 W76’33.571

Dimensions: 127.7 x 26.2 x 11.9 344 GT
Type of Wreck: Schooner
Location of Wreck: N 44’06.885 W76’33.571
Place and Builder:    
Year Built: 1877

Port Huron Daily Times Monday, June 11, 1877 #

Mr. Shickluna at St. Catharines, launched a new canal schooner last week and named her ST. LOUIS       The schooner St. LOUIS arrived at Toledo Thursday, on her maiden trip, having been launched at St. Catharines last June. She is a full-sized canaller and is one of the finest vessels of her class. She is a three-and-after, double topsail schooner of 333.60 tons.

Her dimensions are Length, 142 feet overall, on deck; beam, twenty-six feet six inches; depth of hold, twelve feet. She is wire rigged and is supplied with all the modern conveniences and improvements, being fitted out for either the lumber or grain trade, having a capacity of 21,000 bushels of corn through the canal.

Cleveland Herald August 29, 1877   #

The St. LOUIS was built and is owned by the well-known shop owner L. Shickluna, of St. Catharines, and is valued at $20,000.  

List of Vessels on the Registry Books of the       Dominion of Canada on December 31, 1887 #

Barkentine St. LOUIS. Official Canada No. 75636. Of 334 tons Register.
Built St. Catharines, Ont. 1877.
Homeport, St. Catharines, ON 127.7 x 26.2 x 11.9 Owned by Thos. Williamson, of Hamilton, ON      

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