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  • Steamer
  • 40ffw 13m
  • 265ft Length
  • Point Pelee
  • N 41 49.373  W 82 32.170 
  • 41 49.335    82 32.165

Chronological History #

  • 1886, 1887 Towed by COLONIAL
  • 1888, February Rebuilt as bulk freighter by Presley & Company at Cleveland, Ohio; 263 x 34.75 x 22′, 1741 gross tons, 1439 net tons; single deck with hold-beams, steel arches, steel boiler-house & a reinforced bow for working in ice; 1 fore & aft compound engine, 30 & 56 x 48″, 750hp; 75rpm, Globe Iron Works, Cleveland, 1888; 2 scotch boilers, 12 x 12.5′, 115 pounds steam, Globe Iron Works, Cleveland, 1888; 2100 tons capacity
  • 1889, September Towed barge FONTANA
  • 1889, October 2 Grounded off Round Island, Michigan, Waiska Bay, Lake Superior; released by tug A.J. SMITH
  • 1891, June 29 Collided with steamer MARTINI at Bois Blanc light, off Bar Point, Detroit River
  • 1892, 93, 94, 98, 99 Towed barge MAGNETIC in ore trade from Marquette, Michigan
  • 1899 Towed G.R.HOLLAND
  • 1900, August 22 Sunk by DENVER, Pelee Passage, Lake Erie

Selection of News Articles for more #

Detroit Free Press 
      November 1, 1900  #

      Though the wreck of the SPECULAR, sunk at one side of the Pelee passage, is a menace and obstruction to all craft carried a little out of their way in heavy fog, the Canadian department of marine & fisheries calmly announces that it “has so located the wreck that there will be no difficulty in finding it next spring when it will probably be blown up.” Nobody expects the people to dynamite the wreck this fall, owing to the prevalence of fresh to high winds every day, which would prevent the work of divers, but they might at least locate a lightship, with fog-whistles or bell aboard, to warn imperiled vessels away from the spot. The SPECULAR was a big boat, with 2,400 tons of iron ore aboard, and anything that hits the wreck is bound to go to the bottom. It would be a lesson to the people across the way if a Canadian bottom found the wreck first. 

Merchant Vessel List, U. S., 1900  #

Steam screw SPECULAR. U. S. No. 115876. Of 1,741 gross tons; 1,439 tons net. Built Cleveland, Ohio, 1882. Home port, Marquette, Mich. 263.7 x 34.8 x 20.1 

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