• Bulk Freighter
  • 98ffw
  • 225f Length
  • Wolfe Island Graveyard, Lake Ontario
  • N44 06 976 W76 33 606

Dimensions:  225.6 x 34.8 x 15 1490 GT 973 NT
Type of Wreck: Bulk Freighter
Location of Wreck: N44 06 976 W76 33 606 (4 *)

SIMLA wooden canaller (C 112114). 1914-1921.
Original measurement: 1,490 tons gross, 973 net.
As remeasured 1912: 1,196.87 tons gross, 730.94 net.
Capacity 40,000 bushels of wheat – 1,200 tons on 14’ draft. 225.6’ (between perpendiculars), 230.75’ (overall).
Launched at Garden Island Ontario at 1445 on 9 May 1903.
Round stern. Three-cylinder triple expansion = 750 indicated horsepower, 400 rated horsepower installed by Polson Ironworks in Toronto.
Lloyd’s Register 1906 rated her A1*, their highest category, and valued her at $70,000.
1914 value $22,000.
1914 insurance rating = 100/100.
1915-16 valued at $20,000 ($3,000 in improvements 1916).
1917 value $50,000. 1918 value $43,750. 1919 value $38,750.
1920 value $35,843.75.
The Calvin Co. built almost all of their own ships, including this canaller. She was placed in the ore trade between Deseronto and Sault Ste. Marie Ontario in 1908.
She underwent large repairs in 1911 after being aground on Longue Pointe near Montreal on 6 May. Montreal Transportation Co. bought her from H.A. Calvin on 16 July 1914.
She stranded on Isle Perreault in Lake St. Louis on 4 November 1915 while on passage from Montreal to Port Colborne Ontario. She was in collision with FAIRFAX (C 111966, 1,367 tons gross) and Montreal Transportation Co.’s steamer ADVANCE in the Lachine Canal on 21 75


August 1916 and was repaired. SIMLA hit a shoal off Coronation Island 2 miles above Brockville Ontario on 3 October 1916 and sank. She was salvaged by Donnelly and taken to the Kingston Dry Dock for major repairs. Along with several other Montreal Transportation Co. vessels she was sold to Angel B. Lagueruela of Havana Cuba in 1918 for $110,000 (deposit $50,000). The buyer defaulted. Continuing under Montreal Transportation Co. ownership, she was towing the Montreal Transportation Co. (ex Calvin) barge BURMA at Port Dalhousie Ontario on 31 March 1919 when BURMA hit the west entrance pier and sank. SIMLA was transferred to Canada Steamship Lines ownership in 1921 as part of the final winding up of the Montreal Transportation Co. fleet. Canada Steamship Lines owned her 1921-26. They did not use her much and by 1926 she was laid up at Portsmouth Ontario. She burned to the waterline at her layup berth on 18 November (also reported as 23 November) 1926. Her engines were removed and installed in the Canada Steamship Lines freighter MAPLEHEATH ex TOILER (C 129767) in 1929. MAPLEHEATH kept them until 1959. SIMLA was removed from the register in 1929. She subsequently sank but was raised on 6 September 1937 and scuttled in deep water off Kingston that November. SIMLA may have been the last wooden bulk carrier in existence on the lakes (Devendorf). Her name (that of a city in India) may relate to the diplomatic efforts being made about Tibet at the time of her construction. These diplomatic moves eventually resulted in the Simla Convention of 1914.

1903 – Engines installed at Polson Iron Works, Limited, Toronto, Ontario
1911 – Towed BURMA & CEYLON
1914 – Owned Montreal Transportation Company
1920s- Retired, laid up Portsmouth, Ontario; engines into steel canaller MAPLEHEATH
1926 – Burned Portsmouth Harbour
1937 – September 6 Raised by Sin Mac Lines, Limited, scuttled deep water off Kingston, Ontario, Lake Ontario

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