• Propeller
  • 18ffw 6m
  • 230ft Lenght
  • Buff Bar, Long Point, Lake Erie
  • Loran: 44538.6   58555.0

Doug Fetherling Notes  #

In addition to having been dynamited, this shallow site is regularly swept by waves, ice, and wind; leaving little of the wreck intact.  The wave action at the site stirs the silt making for very poor visibility.  Her keelson can still be found and the boiler is near the shore.  SIBERIA’s remains are often completely covered by silt.  
Sunk Oct. 1905 with a cargo of barley, 180 x 25, the wreck lies in 15 to 20 feet of water, boiler, prop, ribs and some flooring and decking, dishes, and gauges are about all that remains of the SIBERIA. 

Chronological History #

  • 1882 Jun Launched.
  • 1883 Summer Grounded Duluth Bay, Lake Superior.
  • 1885 Towed POLYNESIA.
  • 1886 Feb 24 Owned Robert R. Rhodes, Cleveland, OH, et al.
  • 1886-87 Towed PLYMOUTH & NELSON BLOOM.
  • 1888-89 Towed JOSEPH PAIGE.
  • 1890 May 19 Collided with, sank steam barge OHIO, Mud Lake, St. Mary’s River; SIBERIA sank, released next week, drydocked, Cleveland.
  • 1890 Sep 13 Grounded St. Joe Island, St. Mary’s River.
  • 1896 Apr 2 Owned John W. Moore, Mentor, OH, et al.
  • 1901 May 9 Owned J. c. Gilchrist et al, Cleveland.
  • 1902 Apr 25 Owned Island Star Transit Co., Mentor.
  • 1903 Apr 13 Owned Gilchrist Transportation Co., Mentor.
  • 1903 May 25 Rigging & tonnage changed; 2 masts; 272 x 39 x 22.5; 1,892 gross/1,461 net tons.
  • 1903 Dec Sunk by ice, Lake St. Clair.
  • 1905 Oct 20 Wrecked.

Selected Historical Articles more at #

Buffalo Evening News 
      December 8, 1905 #

The steamer LIZZIE MADDEN has returned to Buffalo with 30,000 bushels of barley taken out of the sunken steamer SIBERIA at Long Point. The MADDEN had a rough trip and her work was of the first order. She reached the wrecked SIBERIA last Friday morning, together with the sand-sucker SANDY HOOK. The SIBERIA was found to be in the same position as when left the week before. Diver John Wilson went down and examined the SIBERIA and found the starboard arch broken in two and it was also discovered that the top sides were all loose. The ship was open in many places, and no attempt was made to raise her. 
Work on pumping out the grain was commenced, but the heavy seas obliged the and-sucker to cease operations three different times. The Gilchrist people, owners of the SIBERIA, had advised Wrecking Master George W. Pfohl that they would not pay any salvage on the boat, which left him no alternative but to abandon her. He says this morning that she could be raised, but that her hull would be valueless, the only salvage being her machinery, which wouldn’t warrant saving it. Some 50,000 bushels of the grain are left in the hull of the SIBERIA but probably no attempt will be made to save it. 

Loss of American Vessels 
      1906 List of Merchant Vessels, U.S.A.  #

      Propeller SIBERIA, U. S. No. 115848 of 1,892 tons gross, built 1882. Foundered on October 20, 1905, at Long Point, Lake Erie. Total loss 

List of American Vessels 
      of the United States, 1904  #

      SIBERIA, Official U. S. Number 115848, Propeller of 1892 gross tons, 1461 net tons. Built 1882 at West Bay City. Home port, Cleveland. 272 x 39 x 22.5. A crew of 15. 

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