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  • Barge
  • 10ffw
  • Wolfe Island, Marysville

Dimensons  Type of Wreck:

Location of Wreck:
Place and Builder:    Year Built: Mooring

Notes:also known as the wolfe island coal barge – Keyes Wrecks

Surveyed by Ben Ford PDF

004942 Registry and Rig InformationVessel Name: SCOTIA Nationality: CANADA Official Number: 88640
Rig: Propeller
Dimensions and Tonnage Length: 137.00 Width: 24.00 Depth: 0.00 Masts: 0 Gross Tonnage: 624.00 Net Tonnage: 0.00
Hull Material: Wood Hull Number:
Vessel History
Rebuilds: Rebuilt in 1889 (144 x 26 x 12; 458 gross).
Broken up in 1895. Build Information Builder: Shickluna, Lewis Place Built: St. Catharines, Ontario Year Built: 1871

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