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  • Propeller
  • 20ffw 6m
  • 185ft Length
  • Vermilion OH, Lake Erie
  • 41 29.741     82 06.678

Chronological History #

  • 1872 First enrolled Cleveland, OH.
  • 1873, Apr 30 Owned Lucy A. Russell, Cleveland.
  • 1876, Sep 20 Rebuilt, 2 decks & 3 masts; 184.1 x 32.4 x 13.8′; 907.24 gross/ 739.45 net tons.
  • 1880, Oct 10 Arrived port with stern split open.
  • 1883 Major repairs.
  • 1884, Apr 12 Owned M.A. Bradley et al, Cleveland.
  • 1887, Feb 3 Recieved new cabins & new water bottoms to boilers.
  • 1887, Nov Collided with & wrecked schooner ALVA BRADLEY; towed to Soo, MI.
  • 1889, Oct 21 At Detroit with disabled machinery.
  • 1893, May 19 Struck rock at dock that caused leak, Soo, MI.
  • 1894, May 10 Vessel razed & rebuilt; 1 deck, 1 mast; 693.42 gross/517.23 net tons.
  • 1898, Jun 10 Laid up at Buffalo, NY.
  • 1899 Steel boiler-house & reinforced bow for ice work.
  • 1905, Oct 20 Ashore & wrecked off Lorain, OH.
  • 1905, Oct 23 Documents surrendered, Cleveland.

Selection of News Articles for more #

A telephone message, from Lorain, says a tug succeeded in getting alongside the steamer SHELDON, which is ashore four miles east of that port, for a moment this morning. Five members of the crew jumped from the deck of the SHELDON to the tug. Before the other men could make the leap, the tug was carried away by the tremendous seas. The captain of the tug found it impossible to get near the stranded steamer but put back to Lorain and landed the men he had rescued. 
      The tug captain confirmed the report that two members of the crew of the SHELDON had jumped overboard when the streamer struck. They were provided with life preservers but were swept out into the lake and lost. The steamer is now resting on a sandy bottom and is being pounded terrifically by the huge waves which wash completely over her. Some five or six of the crew still remain on the boat. 
      The Cleveland Lifesaving crew left with a surf boat this morning for the scene of the wreck and it is thought they will be able to rescue the men remaining on the vessel. 
      The SHELDON was loaded with coal for Detroit River, and she left here late last evening. She was caught in a heavy gale and is thought become unmanageable as a result of a broken rudder. The boat struck on the rocks four miles east of Lorain and began to go to pieces. The SHELDON is a wooden vessel, built in 1875, and is owned here. 
      Buffalo Evening News 
      October 20, 1905 

steam screw SARAH E. SHELDON. U. S. No. 115083. Of 693 tons gross; 517 tons net. Built Black River, Ohio, 1872. Home port, Cleveland, Ohio. 184.1 x 32.4 x 13.8 Freight service. Crew of 19. Of 570 indicated horsepower 
      Merchant Vessel List, U. S., 1904 

steam screw SARAH E. SHELDON. U. S. No. 115083. Of 693 tons gross. Built 1872. On October 20, 1905, a vessel was stranded off Lorain, Ohio. With 14 persons on board. Two lives were lost. 
      Loss of American Vessels Reported During the Fiscal year, 1906 

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