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Location: 1½ miles NE of Kelleys Island, Ohio     Depth:20 feet
Coordinates: LORAN:  43705.2   57030.7
Official #: none          Lies: scattered
Type: sidewheel steamer       
Cargo: passengers, miscellaneous freight, and livestock
Power: cross-head engine, 28’ diameter wheels
The owner (s) John Hollister and others
Built: 1844 at Perrysburg, Ohio by Samuel Hubbell 
Dimensions: 190’1”  x  27’5”  x  12’4”      Tonnage: 618
Date of Loss: Sunday, November 7, 1852
Cause of Loss: grounded in storm

The Wreck Today: The engine was removed and the hull burned.  Some scattered remains, including a boiler, can be found along the rock bottom.  This area has very heavy boat traffic and the shallow shoals present an additional hazard

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