S.F. GALE U22343

also called S.F. GALE, S. E. GALE

  • Schooner
  • 78ffw 25m
  • 122ft Length
  • Cleveland, Ohio, Lake Erie
  • 41 44.455     81 52.922

Chronological History #

  • 1847 April 19 Owned Nilson
  • June 21 Collided with Steamer DETROIT at Chicago
  • 1849 October 17 Struck by Schooner MIRANDA near Mackinac
  • 1850 November 7 Struck by Schooner TELEGRAPH & sunk near Mackinac. Raised.
  • December 3 Driven against Lasleys Dock at Mackinac
  • 1852 April 23 Owned C.H. Walker
  • August 12 Collided with Steamer HENDRICK HUDSON on Lake Huron
  • 1853 October 8 Refurbished at Chicago
  • December 8 Stranded at Pt. Abino
  • 1856 December Stranded at Pt. Abino
  • 1857 October Stranded at Manitou
  • 1858 March 19 Owned R.P. Cody
  • May 6 Owned A. Eldred
  • 1862 April 29 Owned J. Farr, rebuilt
  • 1866 October 24 Owned H.S. Healsten
  • 1867 January 7 Owned A. Nilson
  • 1869 August 7 Owned G. Jacobs
  • November 24 Dismasted near long Pt., Lake Erie
  • 1873 Rebuilt, converted to a Schooner
  • 1875 November 27 Owned J. Brik

Selection of News Articles for more www.maritimehistoryofthegreatlakes.ca #

Buffalo Commercial Advertiser 
      December 6, 1876, 3-4  #

It is believed 2 vessels went to the bottom of Lake Erie in the blow of Wednesday and Thursday. It is pretty certain that the one-off Fairport is the schr. S.F. GALE. There is another reported about 10 or 12 miles off Cleveland, but what her name is cannot be ascertained. A tug was to have been sent to investigate matters.

Buffalo Commercial Advertiser 
      December 7, 1876, 3-4  #

It is now doubtful if there has been more than one vessel lost off or near this port. It is now settled that the S.F. GALE is the first reported and the latter may have been confounded with the first. The tug men and ship brokers know of no missing vessels. So says the Cleveland Herald. 

The J. W. Hall Great Lakes Marine Scrapbook, Fall 1876  #

      No longer any doubt that the brig S. F. GALE is lost with all hands on Lake Erie — The Captain leaves a family in Chicago 
From dispatches received here yesterday there can no longer be any doubt that the vessel which foundered near Fairport, on Lake Erie, a day or two since, was the old brig S. F. GALE. It seems positive also that the entire crew, seven in number, perished. Captain Hilson resided in Chicago, where he leaves a family. 

David Swayze Shipwreck File #

  • Type at loss    :  schooner, wood, 2-mast
  • Build info       :  1846, B.B. Jones, Chicago as a brig
  • Specs              :  123x24x10, 266gt   225nt
  • Date of loss    :  1876, Nov 28 (also erroneously reported as 1866)
  • Place of loss   :  off Fairport, OH
  • Lake                : Erie
  • Type of loss    :  storm
  • Loss of life      :  7
  • Carrying         :  mixed merchandise and stone
  • Detail              : Foundered in a storm while in transit Marblehead, OH for Erie, PA. Her cabin and two trunks washed ashore Dec 2. Owned by her skipper, Capt. Andrew Hillson, and others. Out of Chicago.
  • Rebuilt in 1862. Rebuilt again in 1873 and converted to a schooner.
  • Collided with the schooner TELEGRAPH, capsized and sank in the Straits of Mackinac in Nov, 1850. Recovered, but an $11,000 monetary loss

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