Table of Contents
  • 2 Barges & Timber Dock
  • 10ffw 3m
  • Lengths
  • Rose Bay, St. Lawrence River

History #

These barges were owned by Stewart Sill of Sodus, NY. They were used to carry fill for the 1000 Island Bridge and for Boldt Castle [extending the island to make it heart-shaped.]

Sinking the barges was a typical form of winterizing barges. Mr. Sill lost the contract for carrying the cement for the buoys, so he left the barges in Rose Bay. Then he closed his business & never recovered the barges.

The submerged circular cribs off the Beadles Point and the submerged dock near Palmer’s Court were used by the local farmers [Dodge’s, Mason’s, etc] in the late 1920s and early 1930s for the Hay Trade.

From the US Corps of Engineers 1959 Still in Operation it seems

Rose Bay Barges by Exploring with Daniel Gildea

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