• Tug converted from Schooner Barge
  • 10ffw
  • 100ft Lengths
  • Picton Harbour, Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario

Chronological History #

1892 – July 22 Owned Hyatt, McDonald & Matthews
1899 – June 16 Owned J.W. Hyatt & Alonzo Matthews
1902 – January 14 Owned Alonzo Matthews, Charlotte, Ontario
1906 – October 27 Owned Stirling Orr & J. Eves, Kingston, Ontario
1907 – Rebuilt as a tug, 96 x 19 x 6′; 97 gross tons, 50 net tons
1919 – Sank in Picton harbor, Ontario, Lake Ontario
1920 – Abandoned

David Swayze Shipwreck File #

Other names : none (may have been former schooner PARTHENON) Official no. : C94921
Type at loss : propeller, wood, freighter
Build info : 1890, Hepburn, Picton, Ont. as a schooner-barge Specs : 96×19, 97 t.
Date of loss : 1919
Place of loss : at Picton ON Lake Ontario
Sank in the harbor and was abandoned.
Converted from 2-mast schooner to steam in 1907.
Sources: Marine Museum of the Great Lakes,Canadian Coastal and Inland Steam Vessels

Mills Listing Item: 63129: ROBERT MCDONALD #

Original Vessel Data
Name: [ Robert McDonald ] Mills Number: [ 047250 ] Official Number: [94921 ] Dimensions: [ Sail/Bargex Built in: [ Picton, Ontario, Canada, 1890 ]
First Rebuild Information
Official Number: [ 94921 ] Propulsion: [ s ] Dimensions: [ 70x 19 – 52 tons ] Rebuilt in: [ Kingston, Ontario, Canada ] Rebuilt: [ 1907 ]
Second Rebuild Information
Official Number: [ 94921 ] Propulsion: [ s ] Dimensions: [ 96 x19 – 97 tons ] Rebuilt: [ 1908 ]
Closing Information
Date Closed: [1919 ] Reason Closed: [ Abandoned ] Remarks: [ Rebuilt Steam 1907 ]
.Robert McDonald; 70x19x7 Owned by J. H. Bell & J. Eres, Kingston 1907; to I. B. Folger, Kingston 1912; to A. Sudds, Kingston 1913. Built by A. W. Hepburn, Picton 1890. Rebuilt to 96x19x6 by A. Turcott, Kingston 1907.


Name of Ship: ROBERT MCDONALD Year of Registration: 1890
Type of Ship: Wooden Schooner
Port of Registry: Picton, Ontario Where Built: Picton, Ontario
Gross Tonnage: 52 Net Tonnage: 44
Remarks: Registry closed October 14, 1907
Official Number: 94921
Reference: 1584|42 Volume: 1584

Other Reference:

Old VolumePagesMicrofilm Reel #See Volume No.

Item Number:


Zero Hour on the McKinley Bill. #686  By C.H.J. Snider #

Schooner Days #686 Toronto Telegram  April 31, 1945 #

Capt. John Williams, now of 50 Whitehall road, whose 88th birthday anniversary was celebrated so happily last week, was in the great grain rush of 1890, caused by the imminence of the McKinley tariff duties. He was naturally interested in the picture of the Canadian schooners, crowding the Oswego elevators, in the last number of Schooner Days before this. At the party he told something of the rush in which he participated.
It appears that everything that would float was pressed into service to cram the Canadian barley into American elevators before the shut-out duties fell, that fateful November. For example, the 100 ton schooner ROBERT McDONALD, ex PARTHENON, which could with difficulty get 4,000 bushels under hatches was towed back and forth between Oswego and Prince Edward County for several trips during a spell of light weather, and made money on her venture in spite of the tug bills. double the whole of the normal freight. The duties revolutionized Ontario farming, for they killed the export barley trade. [ part of article]

List of Vessels on Registry Books of the Dominion of Canada on the 31st. Day of December, 1898, 1905 #

Schooner PARTHENON. Official Canadian No. 74386. Of 56 tons Register. Built at Oakville, Ont., in 1877. Home port, Toronto, Ont. 62.0 x 18.5 x 6.5. Owned by Robert McDonald, of Hallowell, Ont.

Schooner ROBERT McDONALD. Official Canadian No. 94921. Of 44 tons register. Built at Picton, Ont., in 1890. Home port, Picton. Ont. 70.0 x 19.0 x 6.5. Owned by J.W. Hyatt, of West Point, Ont.

Schooner ROBERT McDONALD. Official Canadian No. 94921. Of 44 tons register. Built at Picton, Ont., in 1890. Home port, Picton. Ont. 70.0 x 19.0 x 6.5. Owned by James H. Bell, of Kingston, Ont.

While it may seem strange to see both vessels listed in the same Govt. list of vessels, it does happen now and then, It is entirely possible and likely that the ROBERT McDONALD was originally the PARTHENON

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