• Wrecking Tug
  • 12ffw 4m
  • 127ft Length
  • Kelley’s Island, Lake Erie
  • 41 36.471 82 43.756

Chronological History

THE STEAM TUG ‘RELIEF’ — We find in the express of this morning, a description of the Buffalo Mutual Insurance Company’s new steam-tug RELIEF, which made her trial trip on Saturday last. Her performance was very satisfactory indeed, and as far as we could judge she will prove herself to be what she was originally designed for — a stout, staunch, powerful steam wrecking vessel, able to go in all weather to succor and relieve our vessels when in distress. She fills a place long needed on our waters, for the protection of our large commerce, and as such, our mercantile community should be proud of her. We predict that she will give a good account of herself whenever called upon. The dimensions of her hull are: 143 feet long, 26 feet beam, 12 feet hold, 362 tons burthen; built with a solid timber bottom, running up her sides 6 feet, frame caulked inside and out and seams of the frame led, so that with her plank and ceiling all off, she would still be tight. She was contracted for and built by VanSlyck & Notter & Co., George Notter being the Master Builder, and a specimen of naval architecture he may well be proud of her. She is a beautiful modeled, well-constructed vessel. Her engine is an oscillator, 30-inch cylinder, and 36-inch stroke. It and the boiler and machinery was built by the Buffalo Steam Engine Works, designed and under the superintendence of Edwin Reese, Esq., Superintendent Buffalo Steam Engine Works, and is said by good judges to be of the finest finished, best turned out jobs in the country. Both the engine and boiler are models in their way. She is rigged with two spars with purchase to right up vessels that are capsized, and has one large power capstan, two powerful large-sized/c winches, a large patent windlass and all the applications for working pumps, etc.; carries three boats, one of them large enough to boat the largest size anchor in use on the lakes. 
      She was sparred and rigged by Mr. Andrews, from the rigging loft of Hart, Newman & Co., and is said to be as neat as was ever turned out on the lakes. Painting by Mr. Edmonson. She has a novel and unique figurehead — an arm in boxing attitude, most beautifully carved from a solid white oak knee, by an English carver here, whose name we have forgotten. Representation is “Relief in time of Trouble.” Success to her. She goes on her mission to save and to succor life and property, with our heartfelt and best wishes. 
      Buffalo Daily Republic 
      Monday, November 12, 1855 

Steam Screw RELIEF. U. S. No. 21133. Of 362 tons. Built Buffalo, N.Y., !855. First Home Port, Buffalo, N.Y. DISPOSITION:- Abandoned 1885  
      Merchant Steam Vessels of the U.S.A. 
      Lytle-Holdcamper List, 1790 to 1868 

Propeller RELIEF. Of 362 tons. Built Buffalo 1855 by Van Slyke, Notter & Co. Owned by Mutual Insurance Co. of Buffalo. Home port, Buffalo. Value $18,000 Class, A 1*. REMARKS:- Powerful Wrecking Tug. 
      Board of lake Underwriters 
      Lake Vessel Register, 1860 

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