LINCOLN, ISAAC (1898, Steambarge) IDENTIFICATION Also known as: HOLCOMB, RALPH T. Year of Build: 1898 Official Number: 106653 CONSTRUCTION AND OWNERSHIP Built at: Marine City, MI Vessel Type: Steambarge Hull Materials: Wood Number of Decks: 1 Builder Name: Alex Anderson Master Carpenter: Alex Anderson Original Owner and Location: A.F. Price et al, Fremont, OH. POWER Number of Masts: 2 Propulsion: Screw Engine Type: For-and-Aft Compound # Cylinders: 2 # Boilers: 1 # Propellers: 1 Propulsion Notes: 16″ + 32″ x 26″ fore & aft compound engine, 420hp at 115rpm, Samuel F. Hodge, Detroit. 8′ 6″ x 13′, 130 psi firebox boiler, Samuel F. Hodge, Detroit. DIMENSIONS Length: 134′ Beam: 30′ Depth: 9.2′ Tonnage (gross): 376.77 Tonnage (net): 250.33 FINAL DISPOSITION Final Location: Cardinal, ONT. St. Lawrence River Date: 1930 How: Abandoned. Notes: Remains Buried. HISTORYFor river work in lumber trade. 1898, Jun 3 Enrolled Sandusky, OH; towed GEBHART. 1900 Towed A. MOSHER. 1902 Owned Price Lumber Co, Fremont, OH. 1903 Towed EVA S. ROBINSON. 1905 Owned F.E. Hall, L’Original, ONT; renamed RALPH T. HOLCOMB, C116400, 133.42 x 30.16 x 9.16′, 375 gross / 165 net tons.

1907 Towed G.H. WARMINGTON. 1911 Purchased by Edwardsburg Starch, Cardinal, ONT. 1921 Rebuilt. Last owner listed as Holcomb Navigation Co, Motreal. 1930 Abandoned near mill at Cardinal, ONT, where remains were buried. NOTES From the Collection of:

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