• Side Wheeler
  • Bay of Quinte
  • N44 10 35 W 77 02 30

Dimensions: 138 x 22.6 x 7.6 331 GT 178.49 NT Type of Wreck: Steamboat Location of Wreck: N44 10 35 W 77 02 30 Place and Builder:  Quebec City PQ – Lubib Chobot & Bushnell Year Built: 1871

Marine Accident Report information #

WRECKS, CASUALTIES AND SALVAGE – INVESTIGATIONS – QUINTE STEAMER – BURNING OF NEAR DESERONTO, ONTARIO Record Information – Brief Hierarchical level: File Date: 1889-1891 Reference: RG12, Volume number: 1529, File number: 9704-Q1 File no. (creator): 9704-Q1 Type of material: Textual material Found in: Archives / Collections and Fonds Item ID number: 1199153

Port of Deseronto Shipping Registers National Archives, Ottawa  RG 12, A1, Vol. 223 #

Vessel Name BEAU HARNOIS Also Known As QUINTE, 1882 Build Year 1871 – Official Number C88242 Quebec QUE Steamer Builder Bushnell Power: Sidewheel Power (Mechanical) Engine Type Vertical Beam (Walking Beam) Engine Number Cylinders 1 Dimensions: Length 138 Beam 22.6 Depth 7.6 Tonnage Gross 331 Final Disposition: 3 miles from Deseronto, ONT. Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario. 23 / 10 /1889 Fire. Notes: 4 lives lost; registry closed. History and Notes History 1874 – Owned Beauharnois Steam Navigation Co. 1878 – Owned Stevenson, & Co., QUE. 1882 – Rebuilt & renamed QUINTE (C88242). 1883 – Jun 16 Owned Edward W. Rathbun, Deseronto Navigation Co.; 1 deck, 138 x 22.6 x 7.6; 331 gross tons. 1889 – Oct 23 Burned. NOTATIONS: the Steamer QUINTE was burned on the 25 rd. October 1889 about 5 miles from Deseronto on a voyage to Picton. A total loss at 5:50 o’clock, and 4 lives were lost, Registry closed. Gross tons 331 Deductions 152.51 Reg. tons 178.49      

Buffalo Evening News Thursday, October 24, 1889 #

STEAMER BURNED The Steamer QUINTE Burned to the Water’s Edge on Lake Ontario.       SEVERAL LIVES LOST. Kingston, Oct. 24. –The steamer QUINTE was burned to the water’s edge last night near Deseronto. Four lives were lost and possibly more. The steamer left Deseronto at 5:30 P. M. with a crew of 12 and 20 passengers. When but a few miles from the dock fire was discovered in the woodwork near the fire hold. Pilot Collier beached the boat on a shoal. The passengers lost control and plunged into the water without life preservers. Pilot Collier stood at his wheel until the boat was grounded and the engines had stopped, the engineer, Thomas Short, leaving his engines running. The flames drove him away. Pilot Collier was severely burned. Engineer Short was also severely burned. The crew of a sloop lying close by put out in boats and picked up all that they could find.

The steamer DESERONTO and the steam yacht RIPPLE brought the survivors to the town. Those burned were: Miss A. Suva Kellar, Captain of the Salvation Army at Picton, severely burned about the face, arms and hands; Mrs. Anderson, severely bruised on her right arm and shoulder and burned about the head; Engineer Short, burned about the face and hands; Fireman Hart, badly burned about the face, neck and arms and had two bones in his left leg broken. Mr. St. Charles, Belleville, is in serious condition from exposure in the water. Col. Strong, United States Consul at Belleville, was slightly burned and bruised. Other passengers were slightly injured. Capt. Christie was severely bruised. Mr. A. Harte was in the water and saved a boy named Charles Anderson. It is known that four persons lost their lives and that by burning. Mrs. Christie, mother of the captain of the boat, and her 12-year-old son were in the Ladies cabin a few moments before the alarm was given, but have not been seen since. Mrs. Stacey and her little son were in the dining hall and perished in the flames. None of the freight or anything belonging to the crew was saved.       The steamer was owned by the Rathbun Company and was the best in their lake service.      

Port Huron Daily Times Thursday, October 24, 1889 #

The steamer QUINTE was burned to the water’s edge last night near Deseronto. Four or five lives were lost. She burned about 3 miles from Deseronto on her way to Picton about 6 p.m. last evening. She was owned by the Rathbun Co. and is a total loss.      

Chicago Inter Ocean October 24, 1889 #

Montreal, Oct. 23. — The steamer QUINTE burned this evening three miles east of Deseronto and is a total loss. Six lives were lost.      

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