QUEBEC (1) river barge. 1883. 261 tons gross, 234.15 tons register, 114’. Capacity 13,000 bushels. Built by Henry Roney at Garden Island Ontario in 1862. Possibly a rebuild of an earlier vessel. No masts. Square stern. 1863 rated 2 and valued at $3,500. 1866 rated 2 and valued at $2,500. 1874 rated 2 and valued at $3,000. 1878 rated 3 and valued at $800.

QUEBEC (1) was owned by Calvin & Breck to at least 1866 and leased to the Chaffey Brothers. Her next owner was the St. Lawrence & Chicago Forwarding Co. She was rebuilt in 1872-73. By 1882 she was sunk in the Portsmouth Ontario harbour (Hatter’s Bay) and had been there for some time. She would have come to Montreal Transportation Co. ownership in 1883 when they took over St. Lawrence and Chicago Forwarding Co. She was apparently not active on the upper river in 1884 and was not in the Montreal Transportation Co. fleet list published in 1887.

Possible candidate for the KGH

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