Provincial Paper Factory Basement

Cornwall Paper Factory, The Paper Mill, St. Lawrence Paper Factory

  • Lost Village
  • 30ffw 10m
  • Mille Roches
  • St. Lawrence River

In 1904 Michael Davis decided to expand his little empire even further. He and a group of Cornwall businessmen built a small stone paper mill on the east side of the village, which they named the Cornwall Paper Company. Unfortunately for Michael, the company got into severe financial trouble and with bankruptcy looming, the company was sold in 1909 to an American Company from Kalamazoo.

Over time the paper mill became the mainstay of Mille Roches’ industrial operations. The new American owners were highly dedicated and experienced. Not only did they manage to turn the mill’s fortunes around, but they also won a number of industry awards during the 1930s for their excellent safety measures. They continued expanding the plant and by the mid-forties were employing over 100 millhands. The company was eventually sold to Provincial Abitibi who continued building the operation, producing paper from rags and recycled paper. The plant later became known as the Provincial Paper Company. Continued uncertainty over the village’s future forced the company to shut down the plant in 1952 and relocate to Thorold where they had a more modern operation.

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