Site Description

  • Submerged Structure
  • 30ffw 10m
  • GravenHurst

Type: Submerged Structure

Depth: 30 feet

Description: The submerged dock of a WW2 prison camp, and a large debris field can be found here. The structure is in good condition, and stands at 15 feet tall from the floor. Near the dock is a popular cliff jumping site, where many personal belonging have been lost. In addition to personal belongings bikes, shopping carts, bottles, and other junk can be found there. Occasionally people end the dive with a new (flooded) smartphone or watch.

Access: Shore. Parking is right next to the beach. Its a short walk down and into the water. Swim out until there is a sudden drop, and follow the ridge south. This will lead you to the dock, and continuing past that will take you to the cliff diving spot. Make sure to bring a dive flag, so nobody cliff jumps onto you!

Visibility: 5 to 10 feet. Silty bottom that is easily disturbed. Clears up towards the winter. 

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