• Propeller
  • 47ffw 16m
  • 275ft Length
  • Pelee Passage
  • 41 41.304     82 30.808

Chronological History #

  • 1888, Apr 24 Enrolled Clevealand, OH; towed barge GEORGE WORMINGTON in Ashland ore trade.
  • 1891 Towed barge WINSLOW.
  • 1891, Jul 21 Aground Duluth, MN, Lake Superior.
  • 1891, Jul 24 Released.
  • 1891, Oct 18 Grounded Lake George, St. Mary’s River; released.
  • 1892 Towed barge MORSE & PECK with grain, coal & ore.
  • 1896, Apr 24 Collision whaleback 104, towed by tug A.D. THOMPSON in Detroit River.
  • 1896, Aug Struck in Soo River; repaired.
  • 1898 Towed DUNDEE.
  • 1899 Owned Nicholas Transit Co, Fairport, OH.
  • 1900, Apr 19 Cleveland 2010 gross / 1657 net tons.
  • 1901, Sep 14 Broke rudder, Lake Huron; towed by steamer GLIDDEN & tug BOYNTON to Cleveland.
  • 1904 Burned & sank, Lake Erie.

Selection of News Articles for more www.maritimehistoryofthegreatlakes.ca #

Sandusky Register 
      November 30, 1904  #

Notice To Mariners 
      On November 28th, the wreck of the steamer PHILLIP MINCH which was burned off Sandusky Harbor on the night of November 19th was found and located by the U. 8. steamer VISITOR, from information furnished by Captain Biemiller of the fish tug THISTLE, of Sandusky. 
      Nothing of the vessel shows above water except a broken spar held by the rigging. A buoy carrying a red flag was placed alongside, but neither this nor the spar will long remain. 
      The vessel lies in 45 feet of water: E ¼ N from Middle Island lighthouse 8.6 miles. 
      N ¼ E from Huron piers, 19.25 miles. 
      NNE 3/4 E from Sandusky outer can buoy 15.0 miles 
      S x E ¼ E from Pelee Passage light 11.25 miles., and almost exactly on the line between Huron lighthouse and Point Pelee spit. 
      Depths as small as 21 feet were found over the wreck, but heavy weather prevented exact examination, and parts of the wreck may project higher than this. 
      W. T.Blont, 
      U. S. Ass’t. Eng. 
      Toledo, Ohio, Nov. 28, 1904

Sandusky Register 
      November 30, 1904  #

      WRECK OF THE MINCH. – The wreck of the steamer PHILIP MINCH, which took fire off Sandusky harbor, Lake Erie, in November 1904, now lies sunk about seven miles east of Middle Island lighthouse, on the following bearings: Middle Island Light, S. 87 degrees W. true (W.1-8 mag.). : Pelee Passage Light, N. 14 degrees W. true (N. by W. w’ly mag.): Huron Harbor Light, S. 4 degrees W. true (S.1-2 W Mag.) The wreck lies in 45 feet of water, with but two feet over the boiler and possibly less over other parts. A barrel buoy, painted red and black in horizontal stripes, has been moored at the southern end of the wreck. 
A contract was recently let for blowing up enough of the wreck to afford a good depth over it.

Merchant Vessel List, U. S., 1899  #

Steam screw PHILIP MINCH. U. S. No. 150427. Of 1988 gross tons; 1657 tons net. Built Cleveland, O., 1888. Home port, Cleveland, O. 275.0 x 40,8 x 22.0 Of 1,700 nominal horse-power. 

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