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  • Bulk Freighter
  • 24ffw 8m
  • 275ft Length
  • Gravelly Bay, Lake Erie
  • 42 33.682   80 05.429

Chronological History #

  • 1888, April 17 Launched Cleveland, Ohio; towed barge ANNIE M. ASH
  • 1895, July 11 Ashore on rocks at False Detour in fog; released
  • 1898 Large repairs; towed A.M. ASH & WADENA
  • 1899 Owned Lakewood Transportation Company, Fairport, Ohio
  • 1901 Towed ATHENS
  • 1903 Owned Lake Erie Towing Company, Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1906, November Damaged in storm; temporarily repaired Sandusky, Ohio
  • 1908, November 18 Burned, Lake Erie

Selected News Articles for more #

Loss of U. S. Vessels Reported in 
      Fiscal Year 1909. M.V.U.S., 1909 #

PRATT, PASCAL P. Propeller. U. S. No. 150424. Built 1888, of 1,927 Gross Tons. On Nov. 18, 1908 vessel burned at Long Point, Lake Erie, and became a total loss. Of 18 persons on board, no lives were lost. 

Buffalo Evening News 
      November 20, 1908 #

Capt. W. E. Moore and his crew of 17 men arrived in Buffalo last night with a story of the burning of their steamer, the PASCAL P. PRATT, at Long Point, Ontario, Wednesday. The boat which carried 2500 of hard coal, is a total loss. 
      The flames were first discovered in the port bunker bulkhead, but the cause of the fire is unknown. The crew fought the fire with streams, but could not save the vessel, and made the shore in the yawl boat. They were cared for by S. B. Long, the lighthouse keeper at Long Point, and taken to Dover in a launch, where they boarded train for Buffalo. 
      The steamer PRATT is a total loss, but boat and cargo were insured. The PRATT was built in Cleveland in 1888 by Quayle & Son, being 272 feet long, 42 feet beam and of 1729 tons burden. She was owned and operated by the lake Erie Transportation Company. Second Mate, Arnold Hodge and seaman Arthur Legault and George Parker shipped from Buffalo 


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